Before we get to the title. I just found out that the governor of Jakarta has decided to run for president this year. WHAT?!?!? The Jakarta composite straight away rose on the news but I cannot in my conscience vote for him though I would have voted for him for governor that time (I couldn't because I don't live in Jakarta). I was actually really happy that he managed to become governor with his running mate Basuki. The reason why I think it's a big mistake that he's running for president is because he's only been a governor for 1 year plus. What the hell? Yes he's clean (seemingly so far), yes he seems practical in his effort to make a better Jakarta, and yes there are visible good changes in Jakarta, but I feel he's still running under the image of being clean and not based on achievement. I feel you need to prove yourself first before you decide to run as a leader of our country. Also if he stays as governor and really does good work until his terms ends, surely all that experience will be even more valuable as the basis to run for president next time. Not now, next time!!! Even my mother agrees that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to run for president now when we're discussing about the rumors last February when I was at home. I feel so disappointed. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!. I feel the party endorsing him is just doing this to lift the party up. This is not good, totally not good. Even making things worse, there are already the darn people who reject the vice governor, Basuki, replacing Joko Widodo as governor if he really becomes president, just because Basuki is not a muslim!!! This is so stupid!!! What would be ideal would be these 2 people just stay in their posts and run again as president and vice president in the next next election. This really doesn't make my day good.

Okay breathe, let's talk about the title. If you haven't guessed. I turned 32 today. Crap! Couldn't really sleep last night when I started thinking that in some minutes I would be 32, darn it! I also woke up earlier than usual today and even managed to get ready earlier than usual which made me feel stupid that I was up so early on my birthday that I decided to sit down first and played some games on my vaio. Overall I could just think of today as another day and ignore the getting older part. If I have to think about it, it's just depressing, so let's not. So today I managed to get out pretty early but the train was still full even after 9 am, darn people why are you all late for work? I had to do something today so that's why I was rather early. What is that thing I had to do, well I want to describe it, but it will reveal certain things, so I cannot give full detail. Let's just say I have to go into this place and when I got in, the security guard said I had to switch off my phone for the whole process and he had to check my bag and "wand" me (I think wand in this case can be used as a verb, hope you understand what I mean). I thought the security check was unnecessarily high. As I passed the security check and sat down to wait, my first instinct was to to check my phone and then I realized I had it off and had to keep it that way. Luckily I didn't have to wait long and the whole process was fast and smooth. Hope all will be okay and I'll find out soon.

After that I went to pray for good luck and for my birthday and then I went to Gardens by the Bay for the War of The Roses Floral Display. Seriously, this place is the most visited place by me in Singapore and most photographed too. Passed by Lao Pa Sat and realized that the place is closed for renovation, it seemed. I didn't know that. Anyway, the War of The Roses Floral Display wasn't as good as I expected it to be. You can see the pictures here. There was this mannequin kind of decoration which I thought was tacky. The horses sculptures seemed to be left over from the Chinese New Year display.

The medieval knights on horses were cool though.

Then of course there are pretty roses.

I ended the visit by checking out the Children's Garden. It was pretty cool, with different sections, like the water fountains and the sand place. Of course most of the kids were running screaming going crazy at the fountains. Seemed like a good time, especially since it's very very hot. I wonder if any of the parents felt I was creepy standing there taking pictures, but seriously I didn't focus on their kids much.

So that's pretty much it. I went for lunch and then just went back to my room. Didn't do anything else. There are things that made me feel rather sad and upset today, but I thought it's my birthday so I tried my best to push all the bad thoughts away. The best thing perhaps was that my morning errand went well and perhaps telling the truth to my cousin about how I really felt. At least there would be someone who knows one truth about me and it was quite a personal hard truth to admit. By the way, google gave me this today. How cute!

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