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Hello guys, how are you doing? Went to watch Pain & Gain today, which perhaps would be aptly called Gain & Pain instead. I've heard about this movie for sometime, I even glanced through the original articles upon which this movie was based on. The movie was based on a true story though of course for the purpose of Hollywood, it's more comical in the movie than what actually happened. Overall, I find it hard to say I like a movie which was based on such disturbing events with very flawed characters. There are many comical moments and I found myself disturbed that I found things to be funny on things which logically aren't funny at all. One thing that I like and made me smirk sometime was that the shirts that The Rock's character wore. His character was trying to be a good Christian and so he's often on the scenes wearing t-shirts with words like, Team Jesus, etc while he's plotting crime with the rest. I found the juxtaposition of it to be ironically funny. To be fair, his character was pretty tortured throughout the whole thing and it's a sad thing that he was involved deep. I do have to say that I like the guys, I've always liked The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Anthony Mackie, and Mark Wahlberg is a good actor and I think they all did well in this movie, especially Mark Wahlberg. I also like the way the different characters narrated the movie, I thought it's a nice touch.

So before you know it, there are only a few days left in Ramadhan 2013, how crazy that is. I felt a bit of a panic when I realized it's less than a week that my parents are here. Only a few days left. I was still torn about getting mom to Legoland. A part of me wants to make it happen, but another part thinks it's not wise to go to Legoland on this combo of public holidays weekend. Sometime I feel I've decided, but sometime I'm not sure, and this also means that the plan for what to do when they're here are not all that fixed. I guess that's where the panic comes from. I'm not sure if they have the stamina to walk around in the heat, but if I plan a not-so full day, I'm afraid they'll be disappointed as well. Then there's also the part of me which wonders what they will say, how long into the trip before mom makes "suggestion for improvement". I'm guessing less than 2 hours because first stop would be my room. That really kinda makes me nervous. Anyways, I know it'll be too soon before it's over and I'm gonna miss being with them and the Indonesian-ness of it all.

I've been missing Indonesia more these days because I finally started watching MasterChef Indonesia season 3. I didn't watch it when it started because Chef Juna isn't one of the judges anymore and also my internet connection is not that good enough anymore to do live streaming :( It's a big mistake because it's as good as last year's!!! This year, the nice people in RCTI and whoever owns the rights for it in Indonesia decided to post full episodes straight away in youtube after the episode is aired. That's awesome quality of around 3-hour a week of content goodness!!! Seriously, I bow and salute the people who made this decision and allow it to happen, they're very generous and to be able to get these contents legally, freely, and easily really make MasterChef Indonesia even more lovable. I contemplated writing about them now, but since I haven't caught up with the current episode, I think maybe I should just do a season review when it's done. I do regret that I didn't start watching it when it started. When I started watching around 1-2 weeks ago, they're already more than halfway into the season. Right now I'm still in the top 10, while I think they're already in the top 5 now. I regret not being able to participate with reactions as it happens but since this is so good, I've also reached the state where I feel sad about rushing through it because that means it's gonna be over soon. So anyways, yeah, I miss Indonesia. With Ramadhan, I always miss kolak which I haven't eaten for many many years :'( and then ketupat too :'( Oh well ... maybe it'll be soon that I'll go back for good. Have a good weekend people :)

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