No Infection, Thank God!

Hey guys. Glad to report no infection managed to inflict me, if you're following the last post. I'm think I'm alright now and here's hoping that I'll have no more weird things coming to me. This week I found myself rather in disbelief that my pain is gone. It was quite a low point last week and to have things really turned for the better, it felt rather surreal. The internet connection is rather slow and intermittent right now, aarrghhh, I hate this so much!!! So anyway, I'm feeling that July is ending soon and I still haven't finalized what to do when the parents are here. I really need to make some plans.

Anyways, went to watch Man of Tai Chi today. Chose this instead of Pacific Rim because the Indonesian, Iko Uwais, of The Raid: Redemption fame is in it. By the way, I heard Pacific Rim is really good, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch it. La Gioia told me it's entertaining, but leave your brain outside the cinema. So anyway Man of Tai Chi was interesting, but wasn't amazing. I think the story has potential but I feel it's not deep enough. I was thinking, if a group of fighters agree to risk their lives in a fight, is that against the law? For example, in the fight club when the men meet to fight, it's not really against the law right? So in Man of Tai Chi when the policewoman was so eager to bust this underground fighting scene, it's rather strange for me to comprehend. It's not like Keanu Reeves' character is doing harm to the society in general. He did perhaps kinda bully the fighters to submit to him, but I don't know if it's enough reason for the policewoman to be so gung-ho about stopping all this. Then another thing I'm wondering about is how real the tai chi is really is. Can you really kinda throw some sort of energy punch to someone, hurting them without even touching them? That's curious. It's unfortunate that Iko Uwais didn't really fight with the main character, Tiger Chen, since at this point Tiger Chen's character decided he didn't want to fight anymore. It's a waste of talent :( It was rather funny seeing them running around the ring. I'm also wondering how the fight scenes were shot. Speaking of Iko Uwais, I'm so looking forward for the sequel of The Raid, this is despite of me cringing and closing my eyes in many scenes of The Raid. It's just, it's really interesting to see what else these people can come out with in Indonesia.

I have nothing much to say actually peeps. Gonna try to sleep early tonight. Started to watch Mad Men. I finished season 1 but I'm not feeling the hype as many are feeling. I'm not sure I like it that much. As a girl, it's rather frustrating seeing how the female characters are in this tv series and it's rather scary to think that's pretty much how the women were in that era. Thank God for female empowerment and such. I didn't tell you in the last post about the book I'm reading now. I'm currently reading Anak Semua Bangsa by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. It's the continuation from the previous book I read last year, Bumi Manusia. I got it when I went home during Chinese New Year break. It's been shocking so far. I didn't expect some of the plot to turn that way. I wonder how the stories are going to evolve. Well that's that. I have nothing interesting to say or anything that I want to share. Hope you guys are doing well. Take care peeps.

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