The Bourne Legacy

It's National day here in Singapore. I missed most of the parade telecast on tv in favor of Downton Abbey. I am currently in love with it. It's actually being shown on the local tv now, but I had a feeling some parts of it were censored, I guess I'm right. Anyway, I think I'm sick now :( my runny nose is getting worse despite of me taking a medicine earlier :( Will I die if I take 2 tablets later instead of the 1 dosage?

Anyway as the title hints, I went to watch The Bourne Legacy today. It's rather funny considering I have never watched any of the Bourne movies in the cinema, it was always on tv. I remembered watching the first Bourne movie and thought it was actually cool and Matt Damon could actually be cool. As cool as the movies were, for some reason I didn't bring myself to the cinema to watch them. I went for this one though. Why? Well because I love Edward Norton. I think I've never mentioned this to the world. It's a rather strange thing too. Edward Norton is quite a serious actor, I mean he chose pretty heavy movies to be in and I actually started to love him on the movie, The Painted Veil, which I actually watched on tv, I didn't even know there was such movie at that time. I guess it helped that his character there was this very nice noble doctor. Anyways, with Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy just seemed promisingly interesting. By the way, it's unfortunate I still haven't watched Jeremy Renner's The Hurt Locker, hope I'll get to it soon. I actually love The Bourne Legacy, but I think I'm being bias. I love it because Edward Norton was there. Was it good? I think the story wasn't that strong. There's a few things that don't add up. Why did the doctor suddenly went crazy and killed his colleagues? What did Jeremy Renner's character, Aaron Cross, did in the mountain in the beginning of the movie? By the way, Jeremy Renner did bring a different side of how these super soldiers are. If Jason Bourne was the serious type, I think Aaron Cross had more sense of humour in him. I think if you ever have to get stuck with one of them, being stuck with Aaron Cross would be kinda nicer :P Other comment, Manila kinda looks like Jakarta at some parts. Overall, perhaps the story and the action scenes weren't that amazing, some people may find it boring, but I was pretty entertained.

Okay, can't talk much. I'm sick, really. I wish all of us great days ahead. Take care peeps!

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