Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Movie of the week was, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which I really like. It's witty in a British sense of humour sort of way (I guess). As much as I love the movie, I wonder if it's very strong in the story. It has this feel good vibe into it. Ewan McGregor played a scientist with an asperger syndrome. His character reminded me of Sheldon Cooper if he was to be more normal. Emily Blunt was very likable. I think I start to warm up to her. It was a nice little movie and I think I'm in the mood of something nice and relaxing.

Yesterday in French class, I finally talked to one of the newer classmate. It came up in discussion some weeks back that he speaks Italian and finally I got to confirm it. I started the conversation in Italian and it was pretty good to be able to speak it and hear it. I may be lost in translation but it seemed this philippino even taught Italian at one point in the Phillipines. He also speaks fluent french. That made me feel very disappointed at myself. I know there are people who are just talented and maybe this guy is one of those people who learns languages easily. However, learning and studying are still paramount and I wonder if I really haven't done more to improve my fluency in the languages :( Darn! Anyways, I'll be missing the next 2 classes and when I come back it's test time. I'm actually not sure if I should come for the test even though Mr. N was telling me to try it. It's just, it's not gonna be easy and at this point I cannot aim at 90 and above with the skill I have. I think I'll be very lucky if I can reach 80 :( If I don't come, it'll be 5 weeks without french exposure because after the test, it's a one-week break and a public holiday coming. Missing that many classes is not a good idea. All the french knowledge I know will just disappear. Alright, let's just see what's gonna happen.

Last night as I was sitting in my chair feeling very tired, I started to feel rather anxious. I guess when I'm tired, my mind just go to many different places and I'll have such difficulty to focus and relax and deal with one thing at a time. It wasn't a good feeling last night. Too much anxiety :( I'm still stressed out about things, things that I have yet to do, things that I still have to endure, things that I promised people and now I'm not so sure if I'll be able to deliver, things that will await me. It was just horrible. I woke up today feeling slightly better but the stress is still there. Right now, I am just trying to push them away. I'm tired and this whole worry and stress are definitely not gonna be good for my health. So even though stopping may not be a good idea now since time is of the essence, I'm gonna stop for awhile and at least enjoy what very little of my Sunday has left.

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