It's That Time of My Life ... Again :)

Hello peeps. Leaving the country today. Not really gonna say where, though the people who read this blog most probably know where I'm going. I am instead going to give hints.

1. This country is located both in Europe and Asia. If you ask me this, only 1 country comes in mind but I googled it out today and apparently there are around 5 countries fitting this description.

2. This country is bordering Syria, Iran, and Iraq. When I found out, I have to say it's exhilarating :P Though, I have to say that I hope politically this country and its neighbours will be safe when I'm there.

3. You can eat this country. Easy peasy right. I'm sure you got it right.

It's pretty rush to reach this state or today. It wasn't the plan for this year but it's what's been given to me so I'll take it. I am thankful to God for the opportunity. I am thankful that mom's supportive towards the end. I am thankful that I have a friend on this journey (going with YeeMaggio). I am thankful that as much as I am worried about things not gonna happen, not gonna get done, God has made it work out on time.

So some minutes ago, I just hung my laundry and locked my luggage. Today has been spent doing last minute errands which included praying, exchanging money, eating Indonesian food (molto importante!), and getting flu vaccine. My doctor didn't seem well today but she's nice. Sometime I feel like my mother is channeling her spirit to people around me. So doc was showing concern, saying things that she doesn't feel it's safe there and told me to be very careful, to watch my bags, wallet, and asked me if I have medicine for tummy ache. Hearing her saying all that felt like that's my mom's speaking. Her assistant apparently went there long time ago, maybe around 20 years? Without thinking, I said, "you must be so young then" :P Anyway she also told me to be very careful. She said her group got so many unwanted attention. Well my reasoning is that maybe it was so long ago and they haven't seen many tourists there so it was something curious for them. Hopefully it's all different now.

Today when I wanted to do my laundry, Max was outside getting dressed. He said something like, "oops, luckily I have my pants on". Yeah, that's what I am dealing with, people! Anyway, I saw there's a vaccination mark on his arm and I said, "you got your flu vaccine today?". I was right and I said, "we are telepathic already". Another telepathic coincidence is that apparently her granny is travelling to India tonight, but it seems her flight is later than mine. She will also be back on the same date as mine, which is April 14. It's a short trip, I am already dreading the life I have to come back to. Anyways, so Max is gonna stay at grandma's empty house by himself which allows him to go back home late without anyone noticing. He's even already planning a night out today. I am surprised that Jenny just said okay. Seriously?!?! I wonder if she's gonna do a spot check.

Anyways, I want to call mom but I'm not sure where mom is now. Mom went to Bangka to do the grave praying thingy. I thought she's only going this morning but apparently she left Monday and I'm not sure if she's already back today. By the way, Jakarta is in flood alert *sigh* I hope all will be okay or at least my house will not be flooded. Even if it's not, it's pretty hard to move around. While my parents can just close the shops, I think my brother still has to go to work and he rides motorcycle. I can imagine it's totally a pain when it rains heavily. I wonder how he does it. By the way, it's also gonna be a pain with a car because the traffic jam will just be crazy. Add flood to that, miserable is pretty apt to describe the situation. So let's pray so that it will not be so bad in Jakarta and let's pray that I'll be okay in this journey. May we have blue sky and sunshine. Take care peeps!

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