Movie Updates - March 25, 2012

Hello guys, how are you doing? You know it's March and it's ending and I haven't found myself playing Águas de Março much. I guess I kinda forget the fact that it's March. Oh well, anyways, watched 2 movies this week.

I finally got to watch Laskar Pelangi. It's this pretty famous Indonesian movie which are loved by many people back home, including my parents. It was out some years ago but I only found it recently in youtube. I thought it was not a bad movie. I had already a bit of tears even at the beginning of the movie and then on some other parts. I also laughed. Overall the story was meaningful that I'm gonna force my kids to watch this movie when they don't feel like studying. Yeah, that's conviction right there, that I'll have kids and they're gonna be able to speak Indonesian. The language in the movie was kinda weird for me. I'm doubting the authenticity of it. It's set in Belitung which is the sister island of where my parents come from, Bangka, and yet the language the people spoke in the movie was more like a combination of the Malay language and the Indonesian language and less like the Belitung language which I immagine should be more similar to how my parents speak. Maybe they just wanted people to still be understand it easily and not having to put subtitle in it. As much as I love the movie, I do feel the movie is rather disjointed and slow moving at times. I love all the kids, but it strangely felt that none of the character was invested deeply that I felt I still don't know much about them until the end of the movie. I still think it's a great movie and I'm gonna try to find the sequel. I hope it's somewhere in youtube world.

Another movie that I watched this week was The Hunger Games. I didn't read the book but I feel that the movie may suffer the same problem as some of Harry Potter's movies - the books are more interesting than the films. I like the movie but I wasn't blown away from it. I felt the movie ran really long and yet I know that there are many things not being shown in it. Even though I felt it was long, I did feel that it's lacking on more action during the game and lacking in some character development. It would be great to see more of the characters like Rue and Gale and of course Lenny Kravitz. Love him!!! :P It is kinda tricky, I found that those characters didn't get a lot of screen time and yet I found the movie to be running long. I think that's the thing about books being made to movies. You need to see all and yet you can't possibly do it.

So with the lack of action, I wonder if some people in the US would think that watching the Indonesian movie, The Raid, is so much better. The US title is actually The Raid: Redemption and it was released on the same date as The Hunger Games. I'm excited about The Raid and I really hope that it'll be shown in Singapore commercially. The thing is, the first Indonesian movie which I actually paid to watch in the cinema is Merantau which came from the team who did The Raid. I thought it was very nice of them to continue collaborating and make movies which are totally in a different genre than the kind of movies being produced in Indonesia currently. Also the reviews that I've been reading said this movie totally kicks ass. It's gonna be super violent which I'm not sure I'm gonna love, but I really really want to watch this movie. Let me show you guys the trailer.

On other news, I'm preparing my 30th birthday present for myself. It feels pretty last minute in the preparation. I had a super hard time to confirm the possibility of it and since the last bigger plan fell apart, I kinda keep this quiet and under wrap because I didn't want to jinx it. So far I've only told Ms. J, aside for my mom. I have to say that we kinda completed the bigger tasks today and there are a few more to complete and the more I think of it, the more I think there are many things to cross in the task list. It's been quite a burden in my head that I couldn't really sleep this week. We don't have much time left and right now, I am most worried that I'm gonna get sick so I have a lot of prayers to do. I feel really really good though that mom has been pretty supportive in this. It feels so much better and so comforting when your mom gives you blessing in something that you want. So I am truly thankful to God for that. I'm gonna stop now. Hope you guys have a great week ahead :)

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