The Ides of March & Tower Heist

I am sitting here supposedly having to do something useful with my time since it's the only right thing to do. However as how the world works, noone really does the right thing all the time, at least not me. All I can do is try to do the least number of wrong things as I can. Alright, enough with the self justification as to why I am blogging at this hour. I didn't give a good "because" to the "why" anyway and I just don't want to go there.

So home is tomorrow. I'm not sure who's gonna pick me up in the airport. I don't think mom will be there because as it has been the last few times I'm home, she's not picking me up. It kinda makes me really sad, but I guess that's just the way it is. She still kisses me when I arrive though. Moving on. Have I packed? Nope. Today being Wednesday means it's laundry day as well as Glee day. I don't know if I'd be able to throw some stuff in after I finish those 2 tasks. If not, it would be the last minute throwing things in, getting my laundry down, and tiny bit of room cleaning tomorrow. They don't sound fun at all.

I really want to go home, but as mentioned before, I am not looking forward for the whole wedding thingy. Somehow I am more not in the mood now than I normally am on the prospect of dressing up. Normally I would just find it as a chore and annoying, so a mood less than that makes me really REALLY dread the whole thing. Other than that, going home also brings another chore. Need to get me a new ID card. Well, need to get the whole family the new electronic ID cards. Indonesia being Indonesia, the processes seem to be quite painful, as complained by the facebook friends back home. The queue system is painful because you get a number but you cannot estimate when you will actually get served. It may take hours before you get served, because 1 number can be for the whole family of 4 or 10, instead of 1 number for 1 person. So for people who have to work, waiting 3-4 hours will make you darn hungry, as told by Dewi when she was doing hers. So I think my dad's plan is to get me there waiting, and when our number is about to come, call everyone to come down and get our application done. Genius, cheating, lame? Well, it's up to you to judge. I basically just have to do what my parents want me to do and wait I will. I guess our whole family are in unison about not wanting to bribe the staff to get our application processed efficiently. So if it means waiting, I guess I have to do it. There are people who do that by the way, give something to the official to get bumped ahead of queue. My reasoning is, if we want a corruption free country, then we should not initiate this nonsense. I do want to make a complain to the office on why their queueing system sucks but unlike Singapore, I don't think Indonesia has a feedback methods in place. Nor do citizens write to the local newspapers on things that annoy them. It's just Singapore. So anyway ...

The reason why I want to blog is actually to talk about the 2 movies I managed to squeeze in before I go, The Ides of March and Tower Heist. The Ides of March was directed by George Clooney. Reason for wanting to watch it was because of Ryan Gosling and oh how he's so handsome! Love him! and love the fact he chooses nice movies to work on. The Ides of March itself is a good movie. I love it. All the actors were quite the heavyweights in Hollywood and they were very good. As much as I love seeing Ryan Gosling, I have to say that I don't like his character much. I think he took quite a childish approach in trying to solve the conflict. Overall, it's quite an interesting look on how a political campaign in America works and it's sad to learn that back door negotiation is always there as well as the fact that there's no real clean politician out there :( I think it's a really good watch but I know some people wouldn't watch things like this. In fact, most of the people who filled half of the cinema I was in were mostly of the older demographic. So if you think you're into this kinda thing, do watch it. I wonder if Ryan Gosling's Drive is also as interesting. I'm giving that one a miss though, since I don't have the time.

Tower Heist is also a nice movie for me. Of course it's not deep or anything but I think it was quite entertaining and I like it very much. Some has compared it to Ocean's 12, well in a way it is a bit similar in terms of the unbelievable heist they pulled but Tower Heist is less cool and crazier. Still I enjoyed it very much and the casts were great as well. How did Ben Stiller get to be so handsome? Must be the nose and eyes :P Casey Affleck was rather mumbling his lines, I'm not sure if he's funny in his attempt to be funny. Matthew Broderick looked pretty chubby. Eddie Murphy was fun to watch, not loving his character though. However it's Gabourey Sidibe, who got famous because of Precious, who's the must fun to watch. Her character was really funny. Maybe I was in a rather different state of mind but I really did enjoy this movie and love it. I can see it though if some people may just slam this movie since it is really silly.

Well, I guess that's about it peeps. I don't think I'll write again before I go but I'll be back soon enough. Too soon to my liking but that's just the way it is. Take care, aight!

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