If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.

What can you learn from Happy Feet Two? Baby penguins are so adorable! They're fluffy and so cute that you just want to bring them home and just hug them. Penguins walk funny and also that line above, If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours. However I am not in a very positive mood today or this week for that matter. So I'm kinda not really inspired by the line above. Before we go into that, let's talk a bit about Happy Feet Two. Was it good? Well I thought it wasn't bad. I think there's a hint of global warming issue but it wasn't explored much, perhaps they didn't want to get too preachy. Story wise it's not so bad but not exceptionally amazing as well. There's a story about 2 krills voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. I'm having difficulty understanding what't the message is in their story. Is it good to go on your own and go against the current and make your own path? In the end Brad's character was back with its swarm. So I'm not really sure what to make of that. As for the message, If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours, it also didn't seem to be the main message of this movie. I think if there's ever any message to this movie is don't give up and by working together, people or penguins and elephant seals can crush icebergs. Oh well it's an animated movie maybe I shouldn't overthink or analyze it much. There were many kids in the cinema, for obvious reason. One boy next to me was kinda dancing during some of the songs and there was one time, he or his brother cried. I'm not sure why. The songs were pretty nice but I cannot recall any, so perhaps they're not so memorable? Anyways, so that's the movie. Oh I have to say that though Pink is a better singer however her speaking voice made Gloria's character sounded so much older than Britanny Murphy. So Britanny Murphy is kinda missed in this movie for me.

So this week ... well today kinda can make me say that I am in a sad mood. Although since this week is thanksgiving week and I have been searching deep within my soul if I have to give thanks, are there things I'll be thankful about? and I realize I do, I still feel like the energy level and the mood level is pretty down, specifically after today. I guess my Saturday didn't go as great as I hope it would be. Then again, it's kinda a truly high expectation to put on Saturdays to lift your spirit after 5 full days (5.5 if you're including Sunday evening) of melancholy. All I can tell myself is, so what you wish and hope is not gonna happen, but God will give you bigger and greater things than you can ever wish for. However since the spirit is rather weak now, it's hard to keep the faith in that right now. I guess I have to though. I should stop all my own wishful thinking and just believe that the way God will make it work out eventually will be awesome.

On other news. My brother is coming tomorrow. For one week it seems because of work. I'm not sure how his schedule will be like or if I'm gonna meet him. Mom seems to be under the impression that we're not gonna meet. We'll see. My other cousins are coming next Thursday and tentatively I'll be going to Universal Studio with them next Saturday. I am looking forward to try the Transformers 3D ride. However the weather in Singapore these days, as cooling as it does get, is not really ideal for outdoor activities because of the rain. Overall, I am kinda looking forward for these people to come so that I get a little distraction from my mundane and unfulfilling days.

On a more positive note, I'm gonna try to list things I am thankful for. I was thinking I should end each of my blog post with this, however as I try to list 5 things I am thankful for from Monday to Friday, I couldn't really find them, so I may not do this as a regular thing. For now, here are the things I am thankful for this week.

- I am thankful for the friends who could see my point of view and not say that I am crazy for feeling what I feel. Well they are kinda my friends so perhaps they are bias but they have been telling me that if they were in my situation, they would feel what I feel. So thank you.

- I am thankful for people who came to visit me for lunch, people whom I have lunch and watch a movie with. This point is kinda more or less the same as point 1.

- I am thankful for Max. He's trying to find this blog, I wonder if he'll find it. I am thankful for him because I can rely on at least one little bit of conversation with someone a day (I don't count conversation happening in sms and instant messengers as "real" conversation). Anyway sometime I like this boy around, sometime not (like when he criticized my french pronunciation *sad*) but overall I am getting used of him and I am genuinely thankful that he's around. It's a bit like when Ann Claire was around last time. In the beginning I kinda felt that my space was invaded but in the end I did appreciate always having her around during dinner or breakfast and then I kinda missed her when she and her mom left. I hope I get to leave Max instead of the other way around because it's always sucky to be the one left behind. Well that's pretty selfish of me.

- I am thankful to God for making a really nice shade of purple that sometime happens during dusk. I love it.

- I am thankful that I am okay, kinda healthy, safe and sound, and not really lacking in anything.

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