Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Hello peeps. How are you guys been doing? Today I went back to the cinema after almost one month without watching anything. I guess I've just been having other stuff to do and so though there were some movies which I wanted to see, in the end I decided not to. Some was also on the ground that I should save some money and perhaps I could watch it back home through my bro's dvds. Anyway, finally today I went to watch something. It's Crazy, Stupid, Love. which I watched with la Gioia and YeeMaggio. The reason why this movie attracted me was Ryan Gosling. Then I read the review for the movie and it was good so I thought this movie has much credibility. It was really so.

First off, I need to start with how I really really like Ryan Gosling :D When others first noticed him from The Notebook, it was Half Nelson for me. A movie which I really like. His other movie that I watched was Lars and The Real Girl. Those movies were obviously heavier than Crazy, Stupid, Love. and so it's really nice to see him play a different role where he can just be fun and hunky :P Story wise, it was pretty okay up to the point when a twist happened. I really didn't see that coming and I think the whole cinema was gasping and saying "oh my God!". That moment made the movie really great :) I think all the cast were really good that I really couldn't choose anyone who eclipsed the rest. I do have to say that I think Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling are great but perhaps I am bias :) Steve Carell's character's son was also an interesting one, he's so cute. I also have to comment that it's rather amazing that they managed to make Josh Groban so ordinary and not so handsome in this movie :) I really really recommend you to watch it. Ryan Gosling is really handsome :)

Starting this post, I felt that I should write more in details about the movie. However I'm pretty hungry right now and I'm talking to someone in msn. So my thoughts are being splitted into 2 screens. It's weird how you can feel sad about certain things that have very little connection to you. I wanted to elaborate more, I even have typed it out but I erased them all simply because I thought it's just too much personal information. So what can I talk about which is not too personal? Not much really. I mean there's certain opinion I have on certain people which I cannot write here. There's also personal stuff which people told me which I also cannot disclose. So I should stop here? Yeah my own life is pretty same old same old. Like today, class started again. My alarm didn't ring and so I woke up late and got out late and yet it didn't stop me from having a proper breakfast which caused me to be later than my usual late when I arrived in class. I didn't have much time to read the texts Mr.C asked us to read and when I asked if I could read one more time, he told me to arrive on time :P Today a realization did come to my head that I should really be putting more effort in his class. For some reason, there were many times I actually forgot that we had homeworks and so I didn't do them. I really can't explain why. He normally found it funny when I get a bit flustered in class upon finding that we did have homework. Anyways, I think I should really try harder. There's only so much a teacher can teach you, the other part comes from you yourself. So I really need to actually try. I know as much as I was gung ho about it when I left class, that spirit may just die down as I enter class next week. However since I don't have much time left, I should really make all the time I have now really matters. Hmmm, that's it for now peeps. Buonanotte!

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