Sunday Musing

I'm usually asleep at this hour but I'm not. I woke up pretty late today after sleeping quite early last night for a Saturday night. Had a bad night or perhaps day yesterday. French class was as usual as it has been since we got Mr. C, it made me feel downhearted. For the records, it's not his fault, it's just je pense que je ne suis pas assez bonne for lui. Anyways, I had a bad neck pain yesterday morning but I managed to make it home. Weird incident in the bus back. There was this crazy chinese man rambling in chinese. I didn't understand what he was saying of course but he sounded angry. I think the bus driver asked him to get off but I think he scolded the bus driver back. It sounded pretty scary and my mind just went to the Hongkong tourists who were taken hostage in Manila, so I got off at the next bus stop. I was kinda worried for the safety of the bus driver and the other passengers but there's no news on TV about anything bad, so I think they're doing okay. Anyway, as I was reaching home, I felt worse. I felt nausea a bit. I couldn't even finish my lunch. I took my nap but when I woke up I wasn't feeling better. My temperature was rising. After some panadol it just seemed to subside awhile before rising again :( So I took more panadol, slept early and prayed. Woke up a few times at night and I recalled it was at 3.11 am something that my body seemed to be doing okay, the temperature was okay. It was like it has calmed down. I wasn't feeling totally well when I finally got out of bed today but so far my temperature hasn't gone up yet. So thank God. The neck pain is still killing me though :'( I know it sounds like I'm such a whiny baby but seriously it sucks being alone when you are sick really bad and become so weak that you wonder if you're gonna collapse or anything :'( As usual I became very emotional about it. Luckily since I was no longer feverish, I didn't reach the emotional state of having to bawl and sob like mad.

So anyway, since I decided not to have a nap today, I've been spending the afternoon keeping up with the tv series which I missed during my holiday. I wanted to watch Larry Crowne today but I decided to do the right thing and stay in, but I do need to get out soon to get something proper to eat. Since the last time I wrote, there's nothing much to write. Perhaps that's the reason why I hadn't written. I did watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It was your usual bang bang boom kind. I think I was more amused with the witty lines that Shia's character had, especially with his parents. When the rest of the world are rushing to the cinema for Harry Potter, I will only be going to watch it next week. Gonna watch it in imax. I'm really looking forward for it. I booked for the tickets last Sunday and it was filling fast. This is definitely the first movie that I ever had to book 2 weeks in advanced. I seriously thought it was crazy.

Nothing much else to say about my life or anything that I can say here. I've been feeling a bit restless again with life and something happened that made me feel if it was a sign. I'm too tired to think about it now but I kinda need to make a decision soon. Yeah, I really don't want to talk about it now. I also don't want to talk about the people who pissed me off. So since I have nothing to say, I'm gonna stop now. I hope all of you are in good health. Take care!

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