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I feel very very sleepy right now :( I don't think I really slept last night. Don't ask me why, it's common for my Sunday nights to be like that. Hence I often get cranky on Monday. I wasn't cranky though today. Today I had some time for myself which I spent with watching Larry Crowne, eating a comforting Indonesian nasi goreng, doing something which I didn't expect to be doing at this soon, and getting my eyes tested. The nasi goreng special was such a comfort food that it made me forget about my fear and nervousness for awhile. My eyes test seemed to show that my degrees went down. I wonder how that is possible and I wonder if I did the test correctly. Maybe I was too tired that I wasn't sure what I saw or said anymore. The other thing I did which I obviously didn't want to elaborate here kinda made me sad and brought me more questions about my life. YeeMaggio was really comforting, telling me that she also felt how I felt and I'm not alone in my despair. I'm just gonna close that at that.

Let's talk about Larry Crowne. I actually like this movie a lot. There's a survey in America that showed most of the audience for this movie was above 50 years old. I was telling Ms.J, why am I drawn to this movie? I'm not old! She herself likes the movie too. Even stranger, I actually find Tom Hanks to be quite attractive in this movie. I feel like smacking my head to stop all this stupidity, I cannot be drawn to guys who are so much older. Surely there are guys not so far from my age group who could be interesting, no? Anyway Ms.J was right, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are just so good that when you put them together, they will just be great. Julia Roberts really has a deadly smile. I was thinking about this movie. I was thinking how frightening it is to be in their age and finding that their whole world collapse. Tom Hanks' character lost the job he had had for many years and ended up losing his house as well. He had to reinvent himself and start something new, taking classes with people who are young enough to be his kids. Julia Roberts' character had a job which was losing its meaning to her and was going through a divorce. I just found that to be frightening. I have my life crisis at this age of mine nearing the end of my 20s and going to be 30 soon, however as much as it gets really suffocating thinking about my life, I do have to say that worse come to worst, I can just pack up my life and go to the comfort of my parents. I know some people will criticize me for saying that but that is true. As much as I often feel so alone, I have my mom who will embrace me with open arms. Now when I think about having a major life changes and problems at the ages of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts character, for me that's just scary. It's the age where they should have had all the answers, where life supposes to be all figured out and yet it's not and as shown in the movie, they're pretty alone in that rocky stage of their life. It's really really scary for me. I wonder when I reach that age and I am in that situation, if all the years that I will have had will give me the wisdom and strength to march on like Larry Crowne. Well there you go, the thoughts that came to my head after thinking more about the movie.

A thought came to my tired and sleepy head just now. It's of taking a conversational Italian class. I just saw the class listing and there's one on Friday evenings and I was thinking I could actually do that. However now, I realize that would be a lot of extra expenses. Hmm ... non so ... forse perché il francese è troppo difficile per me adesso and sono diventata molto pigra così vorrei smettere studiare il francese. E anche perché dimentico tanto le parole italiane e la grammatica :( devo usare un dizionario per scrivere queste righe :( Sono molto stanca adesso. Allora fermo qui. Buonanotte tutti!

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