Una Notte Da Leoni 2

Hello peeps, how are you? I had a pretty long day today. Earlier this week, I actually planned so that today would be easy and relaxed; I was to go home straight from class, have a nice indonesian lunch, and then sleep. However that's not the case. Somehow I didn't sleep well last night and I don't think I slept for long as well. As Mr. C stepped into the class today, I was feeling rather nervous because I really don't know how I was to survive his class. I guess I survived it by being quiet. I don't have anything substantial to say anyway. I noticed something about Mr. C today. He's very soft spoken and such but I think he has a sarcastic side as well. I wonder if it's a french thing or it's a teacher thing that he does to try to push his students. Anyway I start to get all analytical in his class. I'm trying to strategize my way into surviving his class until at least the next term. Unfortunately I have nothing so far :(

Anyway after class, I went to Cats of The World Photo Exhibition that Carl and friends organized. I went with YeeMaggio and we met up with Casryn there. Casryn has a picture in the exhibition. She took the picture in a cat village in Taiwan. Do google this cat village in Taiwan, it seems so interesting. After the exhibition, YeeMaggio and I decided to watch Hangover 2 and that's actually the title of this post, in Italian though.

So in Italy, Hangover is translated as Una Notte Da Leoni. It was 2 years ago when I went to Italy alone and I remembered the trailer from the first movie was playing all over the tv in Italy at that time. This time around, I've seen the posters of the sequel in Cannes as well as the trailer for this movie in Italy again. For the life of me, until my recent trip I couldn't figure out the meaning of the Italian title. Well for the sequel, the tagline that the Italians used is, I leoni sono tornati, and I kinda got it then. In the movie (english version), the guys called themselves the wolf pack. In Italy, instead of using the word wolf, they use the word lion. So it took me 2 years later to finally get the meaning :P

Anyway, I thought Una Notte Da Leoni 2 was very entertaining. I couldn't remember much details from the first movie. I remember it being crude but highly entertaining. The sequel was like that as well, crude and crazy and funny. It did pretty much follow the formula of the first one but it's still crazily funny. The actors were great. I love Bradley Cooper!!! His character always comes off the crazy night pretty clean. Justin Bartha's character is always kinda being left out and Ed Helms' character always has some physical misfortune. He's very very funny though. I'm not gonna comment about Zach Galifianakis' character; Alan is kinda too annoying for me. Anyway, the last part of the film during the credit roll is always the craziest part and as usual it is censored heavily here in Singapore. Well I suppose it's alright? Because from the look of it, some the pictures look pretty gross. Well I think it still remains as a guy "guy" movie but for me Bradley Cooper is just way too handsome :P

On life, I had a very tough week. A conversation with YeeMaggio today kinda put things into perspective. You know, I have known people who would not even listen to me fully on the things I say and give much respond. I've also known people who would quickly dismiss me as a complainer and a whiner. The ones that I appreciate the most are the ones who listen to me well and sympathize with me and try to give me their point of view without much judgement. So today it's pretty good to be hearing a different point of view from YeeMaggio and I do appreciate it a lot. I'm feeling very tired, so I'm not gonna talk more about this dreadful week. Take care peeps!

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