Spain ~ Girona, Pals, and Costa Brava

The following day, May 9th 2011, Mau and me had a day tour to Girona and Costa Brava. We met Adrien at the meeting point. Amazingly he remembered our names. It's very nice of him because I think some people would just don't care especially guides like him who see many different people every day. Unfortunately he wasn't our guide for the day, though I would have loved to have him again. We had Anna. She's this petite spanish girl who's ... well on one side, one can say that perhaps she's a bit unprofessional but I think it's the way how things are run in Singapore that I kinda expected things to be carried out a certain way, so perhaps it's just me. On the other side, she's very open in talking about her personal life and such which perhaps can annoy people but I think it just showed how easy going and friendly she is and she's actually a very nice person because she took extra care of the Australian lady who was with us, who physically had difficulty in walking on some paths. Again it was a small group, we had the Australian couple which I don't know if I remember their names correctly. Anyway, the husband is British and the wife originally from Sri Lanka and they're currently living in Perth. Then there's the young Canadian girl, whose name is Michelle (I think). If I remember correctly she's a 2nd year university student and at that time she was alone in Barcelona because all her friends have left and she's waiting to start her summer studies in Mallorca. This group wasn't as fun as the day before but I did have some gelato time with Michelle in Costa Brava. We sat at the bench looking at the blue water and misty sky while having gelato and just talked. Sometime when you're travelling alone, you kinda get really lonely. I know because I've been there. So I hope she enjoyed that little human interaction with me :P

We started the day in Girona. Girona was having its annual Temps de Flors exposition. Apparently they have it every year during spring. So you have many installation arts all over the town and they are all decorated with flowers or plants. I didn't see everything but I thought it's pretty cool. It really made exploring the town so much more fun and they were many locals coming to see it. The exposition really made Girona memorable because if not, I think it will be just another town. As suggested by Anna, I went through the Girona's wall. You know as silly as this may sound because it sounds tiring, it's just kinda nice to be walking alone exploring the paths and taking turns here and there, you were left with your thoughts and sometime you saw unexpected wonderful things :P

This bridge view kinda reminded me of Firenze, maybe it's the colors. You can see more pictures here.

After Girona, we went to Pals. The road was so quiet on our way there and even in the town. It was so quiet and we hardly saw any people!!! It was rather strange. I wondered why that was so. I didn't ask Anna but I really wonder if it's because it's the siesta time. We were there after lunch time. It's all blue sky in Pals and it was hot and I think the combination of those and the fact that the town was quiet, we decided not to stay for long. So I don't have much pictures of Pals, you can see them here.

Next stop was to see Costa Brava. Unfortunately when we arrived there, the weather wasn't good. It was misty and rather cold and because Pals was hot, I left my jacket in the car :( But it didn't stop me from having gelato though later on :P The fishing village we stopped in was Calella de Palafrugell and I have to say that even though it was misty and cold, it was really really beautiful there. Again there's not many people around which would have been ideal if the weather had been nicer. I think there weren't many people because there's no sun to enjoy and the water was too cold to swim in. I didn't touch the water though. As we were about to leave, the sky started to clear up :( The blue sky started to appear and the water echoed the its blueness and everything looked really nice and blue. It's very very unfortunate for us. I am sure that it's even more beautiful when the weather was better. To see the pictures that I have, you can go here.

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