The Day Of The Wedding

I'm writing this as the wedding of Prince William's and Kate Middleton is going on. Some random thoughts. Kate looks so skinny!!! I love the queen's dress, it's so sunshiny! I love how Prince William was smiling when Kate was reciting her wedding promises. Love the trees in the church. The ceremony of them being married was pretty short actually; to think all the fanfare surrounding it has started hours ago. I have to say they look pretty compatible together. Good for them I suppose. Another person my age getting married. Well ... if I have my turn, the guy must be one hell of a guy :) If I don't, maybe I'll understand why.

Anyways, so today is the day I'm starting out on my journey to cross out some things in my life / bucket list. I'm actually feeling pretty nervous about it. My luggage is full and I don't know if I have missed out anything. I've taken notes on all the things that I can think of and yet my mind still race now and then on other parts which perhaps I haven't covered. I have some fear in me. I really don't know why. The last time I made a journey this far, I was kinda in a come-what-may and surrender-in-God mode and yet right now even though I'm not on this trip alone, I'm feeling pretty nervous about the unknown. Perhaps because I have done it one time, I know what could go wrong, what will get extremely confusing, and when I think about all that, I just get a bit of a panic attack. It's the control freak in me who doesn't like the unknown (but you cannot control the variables, honey). I really should just let go and embrace each unknown thing that will come my way and have faith in God, my shepherd. Anyway, I have prayed today and I know I'll be praying a lot throughout this journey, mostly I guess for the blessing for being able to do this :P I guess at this point there's really just God and me in this journey.

Paris seems to be really cold right now, that's worrying. I hope the temperature will be nicer when I arrive there. Because of the wedding, I didn't take a nap today. I kinda regret that. I should have slept! I really hope I can get some decent sleep tonight, especially since I'm really gonna hit the ground running and start crossing things of my list when I arrive. I never really pray for a safe flight, perhaps I should. I remember reciting the Lord's prayer a few times on my flight back from Italy to Singapore because the turbulence was pretty scary for me :P

Okay, I'm gonna call mom before I go. There's a few people whom I want to thank. The first person I want to thank is perhaps Copper who have really taken the time to answer my questions in great details. There's also Carl, who's ever so supportive about people taking a journey and exploring new things. There are also others who have listened to me and took time to answer my questions. I contemplated if I should write their names here, but I guess one name will raise questions, so I will refrain from putting any name :P So that's it peeps, last post before I go. If there's a bit of a disappointment is that I will miss the Singapore General Election. It's looking rather interesting this year and the fact that I personally know one of the candidates makes it more interesting for me to follow. Take care everyone. I'll try to blog if I can. Ciao!

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