The 10th Prime Number

Hello peeps. So I turned 29 today. It's an odd number (I like odd number more than even number) and it's a prime number (which I like even more). When I thought of 29, I was just thinking that it's the last prime number between 20 and 30. A quick look in wikipedia showed me this. I love the fact that 29 is the sum of three consecutive squares (2, 3, and 4) and Saturn requires over 29 years to orbit the Sun, what do you know! Cool trivia.

So there have been many kind souls who wished me on my birthday. Love them all. Was wondering who were the people whose sms would reach my inbox first and I was delightedly surprised because the people are not who I expected. I haven't even talked to 2 of them for some time. So it was pretty good to hear from them. There were also some who I'm sure forget, but when they remembered, it's pretty nice. Then Facebook is of course such a good help. People don't even have to remember anymore, they just have to login.

All and all, there's nothing special about today. I wanted it to be low key and calm anyway. I've survived today, thank God!!! I prayed and made my wish last night. I have to say my wish this year was pretty mature. Hope God grants me what I wish soon. How do I feel? I feel okay. Knowing how cool 29 the number is, I feel pretty excited to be in it. Too bad I only have a year. I have decided to give something awesome for myself, hope it will work out. I cannot wait but as mom said I really just have to wait. Talked to mom just now. She's funny. I wonder if I really don't have much things that require a lot of attention in my life that I can remember a lot of stuffs. Mom was surprised that I remembered something *sigh* Sometime I wonder why many people don't remember things. Is it really because there's not much things in my brain that I have a lot of space to store things? I don't know. I don't think so. This rambling is getting weird. Anyway, I guess there's nothing much to say. I just want to give thanks to God that I'm breathing today. As much as I don't want to be older, I have to say 29 is better than 28, simply because 28 is an even number :P Sorry for this boring post but it is my birthday. May I have more patience, may I be nicer to people, may I be more useful to the world, may I be more thankful for my life and be happier with me. Buonanotte tutti!

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