My Ramen Sister

Hello peeps, how are you doing? I'm so sleepy right now :( Spent time with NanSee today after class for lunch, movie, and some shopping. Well we wanted to shop but we couldn't find anything that we like. The title is in reference of her. Been spending time with her for 2 Saturdays in a row now and we've been having ramen. For some reason, I'm kinda obsessed with ramen now :P Been having a lot of girl talk with her and it does make me feel like calling her 'sister'. You see, my best friends back home like to call each other 'sisters'. To be honest, I can't really relate when they call me sister, simply because I haven't spent much time with them and shared a lot of my thoughts, crushes, and stuff. However with NanSee, I do tell her all that. We share each other's insecurities and hopes and so I do feel like she's a sister. She's a person whom I would totally feel sad about if she should leave Singapore and she said the same thing about me, though I feel she'll get over it in a week time. It feels really good to have that girl talk and to have someone really listen to my story and follow up on it. She was advising me on something and it made me rather stunned to see this side of her. I told her, she's so like Gascoigne, which by the way is kinda gone from my life now. I have no idea what's going on with him, maybe he's sulking in a corner or something. I do hope he's alright. Anyway back to NanSee, I have to say that she has grown quite a lot since the first time I met her. She has matured a lot and it's perhaps my older sister trait that I'm always seeing her as this younger girl :P When the truth is, I kinda can remember how I was when I was her age and I was pretty mature and independent at that time, so I think she is too now :D

We watched Burlesque today. I thought the songs were pretty nice. The story was not amazing though. It was rather patchy and the resolutions to all the conflicts came rather too easily. It has some questionable lines which combined with unconvincing actings made me squirm and roll my eyes. But it does have its entertaining values in the singing and dancing. I cannot say much about Christina Aguilera's performance because there's no difference with what she has been doing all this time. In term of her acting, well her character is never deep enough to begin with, so nothing much can be said about it. Cher was so so too though I suprisingly like her singing in, You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me. She was pretty awesome there. If I have to point out which actor I love seeing the most, it would be Stanley Tucci. I think he's just so fun to watch :)

Okay life's news now. This week has been okay. I don't think I'm stressed out or anything but I've been finding myself getting awoken up so much earlier than I wanted to every morning and it totally ruined my morning mood :( The fantastic news is, home is in less than 2 weeks and I totally cannot wait for it. My jabber boy is back this week though it's only for a week, but it was really nice to be talking to him again. I just love the random things that we can talk about, songs and such. I need that from people. I need people to be interesting, to get me thinking about stuff I wouldn't think of and get me wiki-ing stuff and expand my knowledge :)

Talking about being interesting, french class has started again and we have a new teacher now. Technically we should call him Mr. E but we're addressing him as Mr. M. Okay we don't actually call him Mr, I just like to put Mr in this blog. It's really interesting for me to see how a short form of his name can be derived from his full name, because I would have never thought of it that way. I'm sorry I cannot elaborate much on this :P It's the second class today. On the first class I asked if he knew Mr. P. He elaborated much, saying that he was his best friend and all. Anyway, at that point, I didn't know why I asked that. It just came out of my mouth. I guess it's just the way my brain work sometime that I put certain seemingly random things together and they just fit. Now that I think about it, my question was totally logical since he shows the same narcissistic streak that Mr. P has. So he reminded of Mr. P and he's really kinda like Mr. P though I think he's perhaps nicer and less sarcastic? Well it's too early to say so :D I guess the consensus right now is that we like him. LM even said that french becomes interesting again for her. Well, no offence to Mr. Ben but I guess change is good and with Mr. M, we don't know what his antics are going to bring us :D On the first class, he called me kaypoh Eka, all because I just easily jumped on the opportunity to ask him any question. My classmates can be very tame sometimes, the reserved Singaporeans and all. If you are given the chance to ask someone anything, surely there's hundreds of things that you can ask, so I don't see why people could be so quiet.

This brings us to the point of me realizing who I really am. It's like me finally meeting and getting to know me, or perhaps accepting myself. You see for the longest time, I thought of myself as the shy person who is uncomfortable among people whom I don't know. I remembered Yeni and the rest laughed when I said I was shy. The truth is I was that person in the past. There was a long period of time in my life when I really couldn't do things without anyone I know doing it with me. However, now I can be let off in this world and most of the time I can make it on my own :) I'm not that shy anymore. I'm opinionated. I ask question and I'm not afraid to ask questions. I have to work on the filtering system though because the questions I ask may come across as intrusive and the things I say may seem direct and harsh. I guess now that I admit this about me, I can fully understand why people whom I find to be interesting are the people who can form opinion about things and voice it out. I think people with no opinion are the most boring people ever and it's a waste of brain if you cannot form any opinion on something at all. Even when something makes you feel indifferent, you can still explain why it makes you feel that way. Alrighty now, I want to lie down. Take care my darlings!

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