Went to watch Hereafter today. Alone. It's one of those moments in my life when I felt that I need to do something alone. I was quite interested in watching Hereafter after reading the synopsis in Wikipedia and also after seeing how cool Matt Damon was in the Bourne trilogy and the Green Zone, I was thinking why not, this movie could be really interesting. I think only after the movie started did I realize it's a Clint Eastwood's movie. If I have to describe Hereafter with only words, I would choose haunting, loneliness, sadness, and darkness. The story is built around 3 people; a french lady who survived the tsunami disaster, a british boy who lost his twin brother in an accident, and Matt Damon's character who is a psychic who can hear dead people. In the end one way or another, these 3 people had a chance to encounter each other and perhaps got some resolution in their search for peace.

Although the theme of the movie is what happened when you die, the theme didn't actually resonate with me. What resonated more with me is how the characters were, especially that of Matt Damon's and the boy. I actually cried on the scenes when Matt Damon's character was doing a reading for the boy. As for Matt Damon's character, I guess I really relate with the loneliness :P As much as I thought it's so "hollywood" that his character ended up with the girl, the perfect girl who would understand him, I guess I should take comfort in it, that there is a specific person for you out there. We should have faith that he / she is out there and you will find your way to him or her. I guess this is the part where we all say, Amen! :P

Home is this Friday. I am looking forward to it. I'm kinda nervous though because I still have to face this week and many things can still go wrong. Again me and my paranoia and pessimism. Anyway, I am totally broke now. Not gonna be bringing a lot of stuff home this time around. I do have to say it's more because I have gotten for myself some stuff which are not exactly cheap and I actually still have my eyes on certain things. Alas, I have to refrain myself from buying them :( I guess I'm just not generous this time around. Well, nothing much else to say peeps. If I don't get to write again before I go, I just wanna wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Happy holidays! :)

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