I so want to talk about Potter right now but before I launch into that (which gonna be long), let me tell you about my day first. Skipped class today and went to Felis and David's wedding. Decided to go even though I had to go solo simply because it's for Felis. Even though we are not close anymore but we were close back in NUS days and it's just something that you have to do for friends who you respect and appreciate. I guess I find it important to be there on her wedding day. She was all smiles and I actually felt rather touched when I saw her walking down the aisle. Weddings make you emotional? It was just so touching for me to see her and she really looked so happy. I guess to see her in a wedding dress kinda brought a lot of emotion. It's perhaps a mixture of disbelief that this girl whom you know to be very casual can look pretty stunning and also she had the biggest smile in her face all the time during the wedding. I am so happy for her :)

The reverend who gave the sermon was Indonesian. Luckily his sermon wasn't long. I kinda found the sermon to be interesting. He made reference to Obama's visit to Indonesia recently, I found it to be pretty funny. One thing struck me though. He said something like now there's no more I in the two of you, now you are a "we" and you should think and behave that way. I couldn't agree to that and I was thinking maybe, just maybe, this is the reason why I have noone yet. I still think very highly of being able to be an individual, being my own self. I don't know. I have no right answer on this. I guess I prefer Kahlil Gibran's view on marriage. I guess I would want that in my marriage. Will it lead to a succesful forever and ever kinda marriage? I don't know. If we to follow the verses that Felis and David chose for their wedding, we should put God first before ourselves and I suppose as it's always happened, God would then sort things out for us.

Anyway, Oshie in the end decided to go and we kinda planned to sit together but in the end I came later than him and I couldn't locate him and I decided to just sit on my own. Lo and behold when I sat, the girl next to me was Jane. I was telling Oshie that it's kinda weird to sit with Jane since we were never close but I was just so glad to have her around. She decided not to wait for the photo taking so then I found myself alone again. I decided to just go and sit with Copper while waiting. He's like becoming a lighthouse whom I can always locate on events like this :P I kinda admire him, he always seems comfortable about attending things like this alone. Well it's always easy for him to mingle around anyway. It was nice to meet my Indonesian friends from NUS but the snobbish me decided to just go off straight and I didn't stay for lunch. It was nice to see them but I still feel awkward about mingling with them. I am that silly and snobbish :(

So I decided to just head straight to Vivo. I was meeting La Gioia for lunch and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We spent a lot of money on food today. Lunch was at Serenity, the spanish restaurant. I seriously love this place. I think they serve really good food but the price always makes me dislike them enough to deter me from coming there often. Anyways, let's just talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love the movie very much and it kinda make me wanna shout I LOVE HARRY POTTER VERY MUCH!!! :D I have to say though that I am not critical about the movie because I have forgotten many details of the story. There were moments when I wondered, did this really happen? Note to self, please read the book before the second part of the movie! So without all the complaint that I normally have comparing it with the book, I think this movie was nicely done. I love the story and I thought the cast were really good. I love LOVE Rupert Grint. I have loved him since the first movie and he's the reason why I love Ron Weasley so much. I thought he was as usual great. I think Emma Watson was also great; Hermione is just awesome! I'm never much of Daniel Radcliffe's fan so I'm not gonna say much about him. Well, I guess it's kinda nice to see Harry not so into himself, being "the one". He actually kinda put other being into his universe instead of himself. He tried to cheer Hermione up so that was kinda nice of him and when Dobby died he was also very nice to him.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was a pretty sad book with so many people dying but somehow it didn't register to me when I watched the movie. Only when Hedwig died, George's had his ear cut off, and Dobby died, that I remembered how sad this book is. Oh I have to say something about the Weasley boys. Bill Weasley is kinda hot! As for the other Weasley, Ron, Fred, and George are not actually amazingly handsome but somehow they are pretty desirable. Who knows that a red haired boy can be so interesting :P As for the other cast. I always love Professor Snape. He appeared very little in this movie. I think I'll be really sad on his dying scene in part 2. I hope they do him good and give him proper scenes in part 2 of the movie. Somehow I love seeing every characters in this movie, maybe because it's the last movie. I even like seeing Kreacher! It's so good to see Draco and I felt sad seeing him pretty tortured. Helena Bonham Carter was of course manic as aunt Bellatrix. I notice that Professors McGonagall wasn't in the movie, it made me wonder where she is. Oh I can go on and on about the movie. It was really a good movie. It was sad when Hermione had to erase the memory of her parent, we finally see her parent! It was nice to see Ron and Hermione's interaction. They are really so right for each other. Harry and Hermione is just such a wrong pairing, even I got annoyed to see the vision of them kissing when Ron had to destroy the necklace horcrux. Ron and Hermione just have a certain chemistry about them and I love the two of them. I think Harry and Ginny couldn't even show as much chemistry as Ron and Hermione. I am going on and on again. I just love the movie and the book so much. I think I don't even mind watching it again :P Maybe I should go back to the tradition of watching a Potter movie twice :P

Okay it's pretty late guys. I'm very tired so I cannot trust my brain to give logical sentences right now even though I still have much things to say. Like how I get my S$1142.30 back. Who knows that it would find its way back to me. It took months but God is pretty awesome, He even gave me a little bit extra. I am just in awe. So I guess the moral of the story is to let go things which are lost and to believe that if it really belongs to you, it will find its way back to you. So for everything which is taken from me, maybe if it's really taken unfairly, God will somehow return it back to me. It was truly a lesson of patience and faith :) Well I hope you guys have a good week ahead :)

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