Not A Satisfying Week

I don't feel so good today. My body has been acting pretty weird. It kinda has its weekly cycle of weirdness, what's gonna happen on Monday and so on until Saturday, Sunday :( I have a reminder on my phone that I have to meet my doctor for a check-up but I still haven't done it eventhough it's been around 2 months late :( I'm pretty void of energy today. I'm feeling rather dehydrated now even though I've been gulping water every 10 minutes :S I blame it on my gluttony. Had dinner with NanSee yesterday and I ate too much as such I had a really bad cramp at 2 something this morning :'( I was thankful though that it was 2 am instead of 5 or 6 am something because this allowed me more time to sleep again and also because it happened on a Saturday. Still, I ended up waking up late today and was rather in a rush to go to class.

It's a new class today. We had Mr. Ben again. My God, for every question he asked me, I didn't get it and with LM, Mau, and Jacq on holiday, I kinda lost the people who would normally translate for me :( I was so tortured during the listening part and I was glad when it was over. I am looking forward for the girls to come back next week so that I can hide and sit at the back but I realize it defeats the purpose of wanting to speak this language. Anyway we have new people in the class. Finally there's a boy in the class, but I feel he's rather strange. He reminded me of R from my Italian class and it's bad. I just hope that his strangeness is not so criminally freaky as R's. I suddenly think that this guy would compensate for the fact that M is not in our class anymore but I think I would rather have M than this guy for some weirdness relief in our class.

So today Mr. Ben didn't just accept my comme ci comme ça answer on how my week was and I had to explain more. Aaah, I'm not loving that question. I'm not having a good week but it's actually not a bad week. It's just my perception of the week. I think I was talking about this to Gascoigne this week. It's like you face a situation, not necessarily a bad situation, but your thoughts and emotion react to it in a negative way and it affects you in a negative way. So that's what's been going on this week and in the end that's how I feel about this week :( I feel bad for all the negativity that I feel or give out that every night I would be praying, forgive me God, forgive me God. Even when I suddenly got awoken at night, I would in reflex repeat that line :(

Well, that's pretty much it peeps. I think I actually rambled without substance. What else is new about that? :P I'm just gonna take it easy tonight. I'm gonna lie down early. Take care peeps!

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