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Hello peeps. As whiny as this sounds, I want to start off with how hot Singapore is. It's 9 pm something now and it's still 31°C!!! Yesterday we reached 35°C and it seemed it would be like this in days to come, aarrrrghhh...

It's been a rather hard week this week. I attribute homesickness, hot weather, and pms to me being rather unfriendly. I'm not even trying. I'm pretty self-absorbed in my own ways and thinking and I will admit it, I don't care much about others. I AM such a not really nice person, ya? I suppose ... perhaps ... oh well.

So today, I went to watch Eat, Pray, Love with la Gioia and YeeMaggio. Was hoping to get more people to watch it with, but in the end only these 2 were available. Anyways, I didn't find the book to be exceptionally amazing but it's because I'm not a big fan of self-help book kinda thing. I bought it because I once saw it and then someone wrote something about the book on the shoutbox in this blog. How do I find the movie? Well I think it's a nice watch. Love the sceneries. Bali kinda attracted me more than Italy. I miss Italy so much but I kinda want to go to Bali more watching the movie. It's just so green and relaxing. Julia Roberts was lovely in the movie. Perhaps a tad too lovely that her depressed moments didn't feel too sad. As for the guys, I think Javier Bardem kicked James Franco's ass. I actually like James Franco a lot. I kinda think he's the male version of Natalie Portman. He's extremely good looking, talented, and intelligent. I guess his role in this movie as just the pretty boy didn't give much room for anything else other than being cute. Javier Bardem had the role as the guy whom we had to fall in love with and he was really charming. He can call me darling anytime :)

On other casts, I'm just gonna comment on the Indonesians. I was surprised at how nice Christine Hakim's english is. She's like an icon in Indonesia but her role in this movie wasn't big. I thought the man who played Ketut was really good. He's not how I imagine Ketut is. The lady who played Nyomo was also pretty fun to watch. Her lines were snappy and her timing was nice. For those who don't think it really happens in Indonesia, I can attest that Indonesians will, without hesitation, ask you if you are married. I guess it's an Indonesian thing. I think culturally we really do think that one of human being's tasks is to create a family. That's a life cycle which is in our duty as human to fulfil. At least that's how I feel how Indonesians think. At least that's how my parents think. Well for my mom, I guess she just wants someone to take care of me.

During the movie, I had to point out to la Gioia that when Javier Bardem's character brought a drink to Julia Roberts in a plastic with a straw, it's so Indonesian! I was so amused with it because I haven't seen this for so long. I remembered my school days in which we would have coca cola or fanta or sprite in plastic like that with straws. Good memories. My brain just switched to the thought of how can you not fall in love with pasta and pizza when you are in Italy? Watching the movie, I just want tagliatelle bolognese pronto, per favore!

Okay let's talk about the movie. Story wise, I don't know if it's very meaningful. I don't know if whoever watched it felt a connection or understood the importance of the different parts of the voyage, their relations, and how it enriched or healed the soul of Elizabeth Gilbert. It may just seem to be such a nice holiday or something. The movie's most enlightening moment for me was when Richard from Texas said that you can choose your feelings the way you choose your clothes everyday. It was like a slap to me. I know it but I have never even tried to do it. I am controlled by my thoughts and emotions instead of the other way around. Hence why my thoughts could jump all over the place at lightning speed. It's also something which a currently-very-famous-Indonesian-motivation speaker talked about on a tv show when I went back last week. Mario Teguh said, choose good thoughts, choose good feelings, choose good actions and see the changes you will have. I've heard this many times and I have never put even the slightest will power into it. When I am sad, I am so deeply sad that it's like the sun never shines. Yes, I am so dramatic. I want to say I will try to do it from now on, but I don't like making promises I cannot keep and I don't want to say things that I will not do.

I'm digressing. Back to the movie. I was rather sad on some parts which were missing. I read the book so long ago so I didn't remember much about it but I remember there was a part when Richard from Texas talked about soul mate. I thought it was highly enlightening and yet it wasn't in the movie. Then the guy who helped to rent out the villa in Bali to Liz was actually an Indonesian and he had such a heartbreaking love story. It's such a pity that it wasn't told in the movie. Overall I still think it's a nice watch but more because of the 3 different countries it brings us into. I miss Italy deeply but again Bali just made me so proud to be part of Indonesia. I am in dire need of a holiday. With around 2.5 months left in 2010, I don't know if I have enough time to do so :( This line that Julia Roberts said really resonates in me, I want to go somewhere where I can marvel at something.

Okay, I need to get something out of my chest. I have forgotten much of my Italian :( But here you go, my broken Italian. If anyone would correct me, I would be most delighted. For those of you who stop reading here, buonanotte!

Questa settimana, ho scoperto qualcosa e il mio cuore è rotto. Mi sento molto stupida. Semplicemente perché sapevo che qualcosa come questa sarebbe successo. Ho scoperto che forse io non sono ancora matura perciò non posso accettare qualcosa nella vita. Gioia mi ha detto che probabilmente è perché io non sono aperta. Forse, forse. È stupida. Quando ho un sentimento per qualcuno, ho una certa immagine sulla persona e quando la verità è diversa, io chi è la cretina è facilmente delusa :( È peccato perché penso che lui sia stato molto simpatico oggi. Quando un ragazzo nota che qualcosa è diversa con te, ti fa sempre piacere :) Ma sarà più stupido di me si continuo avere questo sentimento quando io so che sarà difficile e quasi impossibile. Ho bisogno un ragazzo chi è giusto per me. Ti prego, Dio? Un ragazzo chi non è complesso. Mi sento molto male perché voglio solo la cosa facile. Mi sento molto male perché la mia mente non è aperta per qualcuno semplicemente perché la persona ha qualche fallimento nella sua vita. Povero lui, no? Si io so. Ma forse sono troppo egoista. Mi dispiace. Mi veramente dispiace perché io sono molto male :(

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