The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Why should one watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice? Because Nicholas Cage is going bankrupt and we should help his financial woes? :P Well, for me it's more because there's really no other movies out there that interest me more than this and it's been a long time since I met Vivy, or to be more correct, Dr. Vivy. She's officially holding that title now. If I address her as Dr. Viv, that would make her sounds so foreign, no? Like from Israel or something :P

Anyway The Sorcerer's Apprentice wasn't bad but it wasn't amazingly good either. I will put it in the so-so category. It was entertaining and it's very cool to be able to have magical power. I do want to be able to throw fire ball and things like that :P I have to say that the Tesla coil experiment shown on the movie was really really cool. I would want to watch that kind of lightning. I suppose it's not so realistic though, because when I watched the Tesla experiment in the Singapore Science Center, there were a lot of loud noises for such small lightnings. So for such big amazing lightnings shown on the movie, it must be pretty deafening when they appeared. Hhmmm ... I really cannot say much else about it. I guess it's a good lightweight watch to fill your time if you have nothing else to do.

Could it be that I really have run out of words. I actually just checked my dictionary to see what the past participle of run is. I have to say that my brain is not really in its best form today. It might be because I didn't have enough sleep last night. Been socializing and meeting a few people this week. Yesterday I had dinner and milkshake with the people I have been spending my days with. Though I decided to go home earlier, I still ended up sleeping after 12 and it's not really something that I want to do on Friday nights when I still have to really focus and concentrate for 3 hours on a Saturday morning and so from this week on, I am banning myself from going out on a Friday until I get through my test in 3 weeks time. Panic has started to sink in :(

Anyway it's very nice to be spending some personal time with the people whom I haven't seen for some time. I managed to meet 3 different friends this week, Vivy, Ms. J, and il ragazzo che è ancora dentro il mio cuore. Si, mi manca ma adesso è chiaro per me che noi siamo amici e penso che la nostra relazione sia meglio. Sono felice che noi siamo amici migliore :) Anyway this week, I realize how I like how Ms. J is pretty nearby. She could be my place of refuge, to get away from the things that enclose me during the day. That person used to be Vivy last time. I used to go to Arts Canteen in NUS and have lunch with her, just to get away from everything. I miss that, miss being around in NUS. I am just grateful that I have that person in Ms. J now. I feel that being able to get away from the things that enclose you is important to keep your sanity. This week has its bad parts as well. I have been eating really badly this week. I ate too much unhealthy things, things which are bad for my cholesterol and sugar level. I really need to be healthier next week.

Well, that's about it peeps. Nothing much else to say. I guess I really just don't have the words anymore. Life has been good and I wish yours is too. Take care!

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