Sleepy Weekend

Hello peeps, how are you doing? I have been having a sleepy weekend. Been sleeping a lot which I found to be a good thing because I often don't get enough sleep and even worse sometime I don't get a good night sleep. As much as it doesn't really work, I like the idea of saving sleep or paying back all the sleep that I lost. It doesn't work because sleeping more on one day doesn't mean the sleep get distributed fairly and well on the other days where you lack of sleep.

Movie of this week was Letters to Juliet which I watched simply because of its setting, which is in Italy. I kinda want to go and see Verona so much now. The movie is so-so. It's your typical chick flick. I really can't say much about this movie except for the fact that Vanessa Redgrave is really such an experienced actress. Watching all the scenes, I do miss Italy a lot. There was a scene in Siena and it reminded me of how steep the path way in Siena was. Then there was the Tuscany region, extremely beautiful and peaceful. I think having a vineyard in Tuscany would be the best retirement life one can have, but perhaps I haven't seen much of the world to make a proper opinion on that :P

On other news, yesterday we have french class and our class manage to survive, yay! Mau and Jacq are back. I'm kinda glad that they're back because it ensures the continuity of our class. They're back because they thought their previous teacher would be teaching us but we get Mr. B instead. I think he's quite good. He's like the nicer, less intimidating version of Mr. P. I like the fact that he's moving quite fast and things are being written on the board, so I am looking forward for classes with him. In this term it's kinda of high importance that we get our stuffs right since we're gonna be having a test a the end of it, aarrrghhh :( Me being the kinda intrusive me asked a question that opened up a perhaps-too-personal fact of him which was perhaps kinda too soon to be asked on our first meeting. He seemed fine answering that but I really hope it didn't give him much sad thoughts. So anyways, there are 6 of us now. There maybe will be more people joining us, we'll see next week. I am just excited about class :)

Nothing much else to say guys. Been having a busy week and perhaps that's the reason why I am so tired this weekend. Gonna be having another busy week and there's certain mountains that I have to climb but I really don't want to talk about this at all. I don't want to think about it. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is showing on tv tonight. A movie with kinda a sweet memory for me :P I am looking forward to watch it although I know that it would most probably gonna be censored a lot. Looking forward to see Barcelona. Barcelona is number 1 in my life list right now, it's even ahead of visiting France. I am trying to keep my travelling dream alive. It's funny that I had successfully travelled so far away on my own before and yet I still get nervous and scared when I think about doing it again. Fear is so paralysing and I feel everyday I am trying to surpress all of them and all the worry down. I guess it will always be a constant effort. Oh well, one step at a time. One mountain at a time. Take care peeps. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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