I Am Most Content

I am most content was a line which was said by a character in the movie Nanny McPhee which was just on TV. It was my first time watching it and I have to say I like it very much! I like the story and I love how colourful it was :) Anyway the line kinda applied to me. But I realized as I was thinking about how I am in quite a happy state of life right now, there are many things that I can complain about. However, then I realize that's me being ungrateful and so not inline with focusing on and amplifying positivity.

Again, this week I have quite a good week. Things really have changed in my life. Now I am excited when it's Thursday because the next day would be Friday. On Fridays, I feel pretty relaxed and happy and look forward for some laughter on Saturdays. Then I haven't gotten any Sunday evening migraine anymore, which I often had last time accompanied with so much depression that in a few hours it would be Monday. Last time I used to get depressed that Thursday is Thursday and I still had to go through that day to Friday and even on Friday, I was still so depressed with the 9 hours that I had to go through and don't get me started with the fact that weekend went by too fast for me. I still want longer weekend and I still get Monday blues, but I am fine and that really is about me now. Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting my Italian classmates and Q even said that I looked more relaxed :) I am in a happier state. I am trying hard not to think about all the things that could go wrong and perhaps it's the way to do it. I have to just be grateful for every good things I have and really, I have nothing to complain. Life's not perfect and as I want it to be but it's a good life right now :)

Okay nothing much else to say. Made it to the Singapore Garden Festival this week. I thought the 2008 one was better. There were more variety of flowers and the landscape sections were more interesting. This time around, I couldn't even spot many tulips, except for 1 variety :( but the Orchids and the Singapore community section had improved tremendously. So anyway, here are some pictures. For more of them, go here. Okay, take care my dears. Hope you are having great days. Buonanotte!

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