Toy Story 3

Movie of this week was Toy Story 3 which I really loved and enjoyed. Watched it in 2D because I was broke :P The movie has quite a fast pace. Early on it already established the premise of the story well. I have to say that the story for this movie was the hardest for me to swallow among the rest. Simply because it tackled hard issues of growing up, moving on, and not being able to be in same place anymore or be the same anymore. The last scene was hard for me when Andy had to let go his toys. Even though the toys were in a good place at the end of the story, it just felt sad for me that they're not with Andy. But the truth is, Andy has grown up and so it really was the natural ending for him and for his toys that they must part way.

As I said, the movie moved in quite a fast pace and it felt like a good adventure, a good ride of different scenes and different situations. There were a lot of new characters. A lot of them were very very cute, like the peas in the pod, the hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants, Dolly the cute doll, and Bonnie the girl who had all the toys in the end! She's so cute. I would totally fall in love with a cute girl like Bonnie :P Oh I have to say, the baby doll is darn freaky!!! It was scary for me and it made me uneasy to watch it even though in the end it turned to the good side. Pixar is of course amazing in animation. I am still at awe seeing their work. For some reason, the scene that really made me feel that they were so cool was the scene when the good and bad toys were having a conversation by the dustbin at night. Somehow I was thinking of how the light fell on their body and I just thought it was really good and it felt so natural. I really love the pixar world. It just makes you feel good :) I love the bright colors, the characters, love it all :)

As for the animated short film, Day & Night, which was shown before Toy Story 3, I thought it was really really meaningful. My first though was wow! this is masking taken to a whole different level. Story wise, it is great. There are really a lot of things that can be said without words. I think one thing that people look forward to when watching a Pixar movie is the animated short film that open the movie. These movies never get any publicity and so people like me just find it like some great surprise. If only they would eventually compile them and get them shown on TV. When the animated films get shown on TV, very often the short films don't get shown as well, so it's kinda a shame.

Okay, so how was my week so far? I actually want to say I have a good week! This week had its problem which got me all confused and I did get nervous and scared but for some reason the stress level was still low if compared to how I used to be. I prayed a lot because I really had no idea what's going on and thank God, one of my googling research led to the solution. I believe that everything has its own time. I often feel that a solution to something that I have to solve cannot be rushed, even though the solution may just an easy and simple thing. It's like it it needs 3 days to reveal itself, it's gonna take that 3 days. I know that there are people who don't take this very well but I felt that overall the people who I had to deal with took it very well or so it seemed to me. Either I have learnt that one shouldn't take everything as it seems to be or I have totally been screwed up that I have zero trust with people. I think it's the second one. So anyways, Friday morning I was such in a happy mood. Friday evening when I ended my day, I was thinking that I feel good and it's like I didn't know that one could feel this way. I know it's because I'm still new in all this and maybe I will feel sad about life again but I thought all this time I often wrote about how depressed and sad I am with my life, I should also write passionately if I feel good. I hope it will amplify it and I think I should really write it as my testimony of how good I feel God is to me and how thankful I am everytime He saves my ass :)

I have a good day today too. Had breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts today. The donut was so sweet. I still get disappointed that they don't sell the same types of donuts as Dunkin' Donuts in Indonesia. I am so missing chocolate peanut butter!!! Then it was off to class. It's good to be back in class since I skipped last week. Had quite an interesting discussion about things unrelated to what we are studying. It felt to me that today we kinda bonded the most. Ironic, considering that it's our last class for this term and our future existence is uncertain. I don't want to get extinct but right now there are only 3 of us. So sad!!! I'm doing all this so that I can speak French and so it's of the utmost importance that I have a class to go to. I have to admit though that I was thinking that if the class cannot continue, I would go back to my Italian class but I don't want the death of my French class to be permanent and I am worried it would come to that :( I really really really hope we can continue, please God?

Well, that's about it guys. I don't want to write too long and get you all bored :P Though there are so many things we can talk about, like the Swiss who's going to go to jail and get caned in Singapore for drawing a grafiti on the MRT train. I thought the punishment is very very very harsh! But it's Singapore. I'm surprised that I actually felt surprised for the punishment that judge gave. Then there's also the Italians who couldn't make it to the top 16 of the World Cup. I gasped so loudly when I read the news, molto triste! Looking at the schedules, there'll be some interesting matches to watch. Aarrrghhh, I am sad that I am not in Indonesia where I can watch this freely! Okay, enough commentary for now. Take care peeps. Buonanotte tutti!

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