Karate Kid & Baarìa

This week I actually did the things that I wanted to do as mentioned in the last post. I got to talk to my doctor about my medical check result and I got to watch Karate Kid and Baarìa (more about that later). But all that with the expense of me missing out my class today. I actually felt rather weird and uneasy about it, thinking if I really should skip class. Then I just got pretty lazy and perhaps impulsive and decided that I should just go and watch Baarìa. It did feel good being able to wake up at 8 instead of 6:30 something on a Saturday :P

This week, I pretty much have dipped myself in for a whole week in the new chapter of my life. How has it been going? Well, it's okay. I'm still trying to get used with things and I am still in a "approach with caution" mode. Did have fear about certain things, new things that I have to learn and solve, but surprisingly even though I was scared, the stress level wasn't that high. I don't know why. Normally I would freak out more but I was actually in an okay mode. All and all, I have to thank God almighty for His guidance and blessing and for helping me to solve things that I had no idea at all on how to solve. It was actually quite painless for me and I can only thank God for that. The experience this week kinda enlightened me. Sometime some people may think that some people sucks very badly and that person can happen to be you. Well don't be too sad when that happens, because maybe those people who think badly of you, well they're maybe right, but perhaps they maybe don't realize that you yourself have made certain contributions. Contributions or paths which however small help other people reach certain destination. My point is, as I am thankful to God, I would also like to thank this person whom I have never met who laid out certain bricks to help me build something. I think if this person is so tortured in her life, then it would be good to hear that someone is actually thankful for what she's done. So if you ever feel so meaningless in this world, well realize that there could be someone who is so thankful to have cross your path however small the interaction maybe. I have experienced that a little smile from a stranger had lifted my day :)

So I met my doctor today. Decided not to ignore my medical check result because something wrong happened to my body again this week. The same thing that I wrote about back in April. I don't know if it's a relapse, aaarrrgghhhh. I don't think it's as bad as back in April but however it is, the doctor has gotten a clearer view of the situation and I am on a 10-day treatment, again :( I am hating that but again what can I do about it. For some reason I am not as stressed out or as sad as when I was in April. I don't think it's because I can handle my emotion better now. It's more about I am just in such a surrender mode. I can only leave it to God again to deal with this :( So 10 days. I am not loving it!!! But I should deal with it or things may get worse :( As for my medical result, well she cannot give much explanation since all the other things are normal. My cholesterol level are high for someone as young as me, according to the doctor. I wanted to say, I am not that young anymore. But really there's no medication that she can think of to give me. On the outside my body is not showing any signs of illness but I guess inside, it's falling apart. She's just telling me to eat healthily and come back in 3 months to do the test again and see if I can keep everything in the normal range. Well I suppose it bounds to happen to me. I have been living unhealthily without vegetables, so now it backfires. There's a term functioning alcoholic, right? I wonder if I can be a functioning vegetable hater. I guess as rubbish as functioning alcoholic is, I really cannot get away from the healthy stuff. I need to figure out how I can make my diet healthier :(

Let's go to the fun stuff now. Watched Karate Kid this week and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! You know, when I watched the trailer months ago, I was thinking why would I want to watch Karate Kid, it doesn't sound too promising and I thought it would just be another average movie. Furthermore Jaden Smith is in it and that boy just have this air about him, like he thinks he's so cool and whatever and that certain way about him doesn't make him so likeable, at least for me. It's like, you haven't reached your daddy's state yet, so you are not as cool as him, don't act all cool yet. It's like you haven't earned that yet. But somehow closer to opening day, I got drawn to this movie and after watching it, I can say that I think I have a crush on Jaden Smith. Off screen, I still don't find him so likeable but on screen, I have to say that boy is talented. I think he did really really really good. He's such a joy to watch! The boy really can act. His best scene was when he was inside the car with Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan was telling him the sadness that his character had and Jaden Smith was crying in silence. I thought it was totally nice. The movie is really entertaining, I love it! I think this is the best summer blockbuster movie after Iron Man 2. I think it was more entertaining than The A-Team. Let's face it, there are a lot of movies with a lot of hype during this summer blockbuster movies period and yet they kinda fell short, like Prince of Persia. So anyway, Karate Kid is really good, I would totally recommend this to all of you. Although there were parts where I think were too Hollywoodnize by the studio, like seriously, a rows of monks meditating neatly by the river, the different monks who were practising kung fu but appeared to be more like performing, the dragon well? All that are so Hollywood. I would also like to note on the many people there are on screen. I know there are billions of people in China but when I saw the scenes around where Jaden Smith's characters were staying, I just thought there are so many people!!! It made me feel so uneasy, it's like there are no rooms to move. I wonder if it's really China in reality. Maybe it is, because some of the scenes on the streets kinda reminded me of streets in Jakarta. So it was kinda close to reality for me. I also have to question the neighbourhood that Jaden Smith's character lived in China. They should be there as an expat and yet their flat looked pretty shabby. Anyways, watch it peeps, really. I have to give it to Jaden Smith. He did really really really good and watching the movie I think he really worked hard for it :) Mommy and daddy really helped him right :P

Next movie this week is Baarìa. I thought it was not bad but I don't think it will be in the list of Italian movies that I love a lot. I don't think it left a deep impression in me. I couldn't understand the language at all. I think it's because they are in Sicilian not Italian. It's either that or my Italian has turned really really bad. I don't like how the movie concluded. I thought the little twist was unnecessary but I love the last scene. It made me feel good :P I think the actors were great (Italians are a really a pretty bunch) but I think the kids were even more awesome and loveable. Monica Bellucci actually made a cameo in it, in a scene which I thought was unnecessary. In that little scene, she was having a romp and showing tits. So the Indonesian in me came out and felt that that scene was unnecessary. I don't think that scene altered the course of the movie. It was there for comic relief. I guess it really shows the difference in culture between the westerners and asians. Most of european movies will have nudity in it, like it's something normal. However in Asia, especially in Indonesia, a sex tape can grip the nation like there's nothing else happening in the world. There could be oil spill, injustice in Gaza, the world cup, and yet Indonesians are still fixating on the truth behind the sex tapes which may or may not done by some celebrities. Maybe it's in our nature because I myself am curious if the celebrities were really behind it and how the whole thing is going to end :P

Well that's my week peeps. Another week coming. I am still praying every night and day for everything to be alright. I happened to read one of the thing that I wrote in April in this blog, maybe if I seriously project some positivity, miracle can happen. Just 1-2 weeks after that, my life did change. It's a real reminder to try to keep the spirit up all the time. I really need to bring happiness and lightness into my heart. I wish you guys a great weekend and a great week ahead :) Take care all.

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