From 09.06.09 To 10.06.10

This time last year I was in Italy having a journey which I believe changed my life. A journey which is so precious in my life, that in my dying minutes, I hope I would recall it and be at peace that I did it :) The title of this post refers to the 9th of June 2009, in particular to the time when I was inside Sistine Chapel and I got an sms from a boy declaring his freedom and even though I was miles away at that time I could sense his happiness. Fast forward 1 day 1 year later, I was embarking on something new, a new chapter in my life. I wouldn't have thought that less than a year later, I would somewhat follow that boy's footsteps. God really gives everything in His time and one shouldn't be too worried or pushing and forcing things too much.

I remembered days later I was in my Venice hotel room and I sent an sms to the boy telling him I couldn't remember how my usual life was like back in Singapore. On the 9th of June 2010, I could also say the same thing. A lot of people questioned why I had to take such a long break but on that last day of my break (9th of June 2010), I realized that I don't remember how my life was like before, I don't remember how bad and tortured I was feeling. I KNOW I was feeling tortured, burdened, and depressed but I don't feel that anymore and I don't remember how they feel and how bad they feel. I was like a clean new sheet and I think it's good. It's fairer to this new chapter of life I am committing into. If you are wondering how it is so far, well I cannot answer it parce que je n'ai rien fait. Ask me next week. I've been hearing bad things but I realize today that I just have to be grateful with my life and more importantly keep positivity running inside me. I am glad that so far there are nice Indonesians around. They are so nice that they made me feel I am not so Indonesian anymore since I am not as nice and friendly as them :( Errr ... on one side I think I am by nature just pretty into my individualistic self but on another side I think I do have lost the kindness, politeness, and friendliness that Indonesians have by nature :P Anyway, I hope things will be okay for me. Okay maybe I shouldn't be saying that. I should be saying that I am okay, I will do great because after all I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me, no?

Okay, enough about that. Let's go through what's been going on this week. Somehow it feels like a long week for me that it took me awhile to rummage my head to see what I did this week. The last movie I watched during my break was Sex and the City 2. The reviews for this movie hadn't been good. Well it's perhaps a bit over indulgent but I did kinda enjoy it even though it did feel a bit long. I felt that the problems that the ladies were facing were pretty real. Like about Carrie and Mr Big having to spend the rest of their lives just the 2 of them. It will feel rather scarily boring for me too and I would be tempted in getting some days off from each other as well. See I really have commitment phobia :P I thought the last scene where Mr Big gave her an expensive ring even though she kissed another guy was so unrealistic! Then there's Charlotte, the problems that she has with her kids are also real and I can imagine having that when I have kids and it is scary. I also could relate to the sadness that Miranda has, being so near to something and then losing it although it was within grasp because people in power didn't see how amazing she is and didn't appreciate her awesomeness. The only person I couldn't relate with is Samantha. Well you must be some kind of a woman if you can relate to Samantha :P The movie wasn't deeply meaningful but I really enjoyed it :)

Today started in a quite difficult way. I was so sleepy when I woke up. Then Mr. N was sick today so we were even more mellow than usual :( After class, I got the chance to chat with U, the japanese girl who I thought was pretty beautiful. She's apparently pretty friendly and I kinda enjoyed our conversation. It's kinda nice that she will be around, considering that today is L's last day :( I start to get used having her around and enjoy her company. To be losing a person in such a small group is so not fun :( After class I was planning to watch The A-Team with NanSee but she had to work :( Initially we decided to cancel it. However then she asked me if I would like to meet her for a late lunch and I told her I don't mind since yours truly love watching a movie alone. So I get to watch The A-Team today and boy how I love it!!! I thought it was funny and entertaining. They literally had fireworks! I thought they could afford having more fireworks though to make it more fun, but they chose the usual Hollywood bang bang boom kinda trick with things exploding and colliding. I wasn't so keen to see ship containers crashing and getting blown. I guess it's got something to do with the fact that I often see them in Singapore. The ship containers and the ships I mean. Anyway I thought the movie was good. I couldn't really compare it with the tv series. I loved and enjoyed the tv series so much and I also love and enjoy the movie so much though I feel the characters are pretty different. I though the casts were great. I had doubts about the casting but I thought they are all great, including Murdock who I think is the character that I loved the most in the tv series. I thought Liam Neeson was great and of course I love Bradley Cooper. He was the major draw for me to this movie. I didn't enjoy Jessica Biel so much but I think it's because I'm a girl and she kissed Bradley Cooper :P I thought the bad guy was also handsome and he's enjoyable to watch. A competition there for Bradley :P The movie has witty lines and that's always a major plus points for me. I love the movie and I am looking forward for a sequel!!! :D

Well other movies that I am interested in currently are Karate Kid and Baarìa but I don't know if I have time to watch them :( Baarìa is an Italian movie which has limited showing :( It seems to be good. I am so interested to watch this because last week I watch Mediterraneo and I love it so much! It was good. I watched it without subtitle. I don't understand everything word by word but I understood the story and I'm happy that I could understand it. I wonder though if it will make a whole lot of difference on my understanding of the movie when I watched it with the subtitle. But I just think it's important to be able to watch a movie without having subtitle since I spent such a long time learning the language. So people, if you want to watch something different, I do recommend these movies :)

Today after the movie, I met NanSee for lunch and after which we had dessert at Max Brenner. Man! I can die in this place. Chocolate is just so SO HARD to resist. It's kinda interesting that they don't really sell chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream. Oh by the way, as we were walking around deciding where to eat, I saw the Honeymoon Dessert! I always made it a point to go there everytime I go back to Jakarta since I found out about this place some years ago. I was wondering why there isn't one in Singapore. Apparently there is one in Singapore! In Vivocity! I wonder how long it has been there! I am looking forward taking people there to try the durian dessert that I am addicted to!!! I should also say that this week I also tried another durian dessert in a place whose name I have forgotten. It was also good! It has sago and bits of pomelo. The sago were insignificant and the pomelo was somehow bitter, I didn't like the pomelo much. I don't know why they have to be paired with the glorious durian purée and the blob of durian. Have I hinted enough how I love durian? :P

On other news. Got the cheque which I have waited pretty long for, thank God! I've also gotten my medical check result. There's something abnormal in the result :( There's something in which I have an unusually very high number of. I am worried about what it means. I was recommended to consult my doctor but I have no time to meet her. Aaaarrrgghhh, can I just ignore it? A quick googling showed it maybe related with my kidney :( We shouldn't base our belief in googling but it really made me nervous. I hope I'll be okay because I really don't have the time to deal with it. Well that's all peeps. I am hoping for a great week for all of us. Oh yeah, my virtual life during the day has pretty much been cut off. I cannot be on msn, facebook, twitter, blog, or even simply check my hotmail account :( I don't know how I can survive that way but I guess I need to learn. So anyways, any urgent things you guys need me to respond to, just sms me okay :O)

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