Break Week 3

Hello all, this is my last full week of break. A few days left. A reminder has been received. A request has been made. I think I will get more freaked out nearer to the day but there's no point of doing that ya? I should just again bring positivity in.

So what did I do this week. Monday and Tuesday were rather hard. I had to help my neighbour from back home at the request of my mom. Let me just say I don't deal well with bad tempered people and people who cries. The situation kinda stressed me out and so I don't think I helped them well. I didn't help them up to the end and it really kinda shows that I am not a good person :( And to illustrate to that point more, I am kinda fearful that I'm gonna get some serious bad karma for not helping them all the way :( aarrrgghhh ... I think the only reason I prayed for forgivenes a lot is because I am fearful of the punishment. What a self-absorbed person, no?

Moving on. Movies of the week are Ne Te Retourne Pas and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Ne Te Retourne Pas is a French movie with a bit of Italian in it. There are 2 influential European actress in it as the leading role, Sophie Marceau who is so French and Monica Bellucci who is so Italian. The story is about a woman who was discovering that she was raised as someone else. I thought the suspense build up to move the story was unnecessary but I guess they thought it's a clever way to deliver the story. One of the resolution scenes was deeply symbolical and meaningful. I thought it was good. However the last scene didn't really go down well for me. One may interpret it as having the experience of 2 different persons influencing one's life but for me it's kinda showing a person with double personality. Overall I thought the movie was okay. I guess I am not more excited about it because I just don't like the suspense much. I was so tired so I didn't try hard to understand the French and Italian but it was really good to be hearing Italian again and the Italian guy was definitely more handsome! Speaking of Italian, ieri ho provato di guardare Azur et Asmar di nuovo. La mia versione è in Italiano. L'ho guardato senza il sotto titolo. Ho potuto capire ma forse perchè l'ho guardato prima così ho potuto indovinare il significato. Ma devo ammettere che non è facile per me scrivere in Italiano di nuovo adesso. Le parole francesi e italiane stanno mescolando nella mia testa :( Non parlo il francese bene e dimentico il mio italiano, arrrgghh! Devo guardare i film italiani più!!! Oh yeah, speaking of Azur et Asmar, for some reason I was thinking that it would be cool to be able to speak Arabic.

Next movie was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time which I thought was okay. For me it wasn't amazingly good. It was good but not amazing. It didn't get me as excited as when I watched the first Pirates of the Carribbean movie. I like adventure and such but somehow I didn't get too drawn into Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and I am not rooting much for Prince Dastan. What excited me the most about the movie was actually the setting, the palaces, and the decor inside it. I am loving the arch doorway and the colourful tile mosaic. Well perhaps I am just in this phase currently. Maybe I will soon come back to my pastel Martha Stewart phase :P Anyway back to the movie, it's not bad. I may even watch the sequel of it which I am sure they are planning. For a movie set in Persia, they really removed any Islamic tone in it which is a bit of shame, I felt. By the way, do you know if you wikipedia Persia, it will take you to Iran? Interesting.

I thought that The A-Team would come out this week so that I could watch it as my last parting gift of days of freedom and without responsibilty. Sadly I am mistaken :( I wanted to watch the movies in The Italian Film Festival however they have very limited showing and at a timing which is not so friendly for people with a lot of free time. Foreign film festivals are intended to bring other culture to the people here, however I think commercially it's not viable for the cinemas to give many slots for the movies, which is a shame because it hinders the many people who are actually interested to watch them :(

What else to write? I don't feel like writing much anymore. I'm just gonna post a lot of orchids pictures and a little merlion that I took when I was wandering out yesterday. I didn't feel like putting them on Flickr. I realized how boring my pictures are. I really need to learn to take pictures of people more. Oh yeah, I tried the circle line yesterday for the first time and I think the Esplanade station is kinda inappropriately named. It should be named Suntec instead or City Link. One still has to walk quite a distance to Esplanade when one alights at the Esplanade station. Suntec though becomes quite a breeze. You get to skip the whole city link section. Well that's what I think, unless I stupidly took the wrong exit and went through the longer route. Okay, here are the pictures peeps.

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