Iron Man 2

As I am writing this, I realized that if I had written this post yesterday evening or this morning, I would have written different things and the mood of the post will be very different. Especially if it had been written this this morning. Somehow I kinda got annoyed and was pissed off this morning although I didn't actually have a bad morning. I was just being selfish, I suppose. I am calmer now. Not necessarily in a happy mode, but I am trying to force happy thoughts in and be calm and be strong. Must push bad thoughts away!!!

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch Iron Man 2 and I love it! I think I love the Iron Man movies for the same reason I like the Pirates of the Carribbean movies, because the main leads are just so cool. I love Captain Jack Sparrow and despite of Tony Stark can be so annoying with his confidence, I like him precisely for that reason. In fact, I kinda wish I have a tinsy-winsy of his self-confidence, because I realize I have none. How can people have faith in you when you don't, right? But seriously in my life, there are people who have a lot of confidence in me, more than myself. Yesterday, I was thinking that I am missing. Eka is missing. Many people may have known me as me because they have always known me this way, but I have been with me for 28 years plus, and seriously, I'm not me anymore. Something is missing in me. I don't know if you all can get it or if you all will like me more when the real essence of me resurface. I believe some people will get what I'm saying. When Rista came weeks ago, she talked about how one of our high school friend doesn't feel like her anymore, like she's a different person. I gave justification on why it happens. When you have failed many times, you are just changed by that constant defeats. I told Rista, it's happening to me. But Rista still feels that I am still the same, though maybe I surprised her with some of my bitchy-ness. However believe me people, something is missing from me. The core in the Singapore me is not what I used to be. I'm not saying that after spending years here, I have turned for the worse. There are characters improvements in me, but there's this core essence that I cannot feel anymore. I am missing, Eka is missing. That's the only way I can explain it. I feel sad about it, I don't know how to bring her back. I need her back, she's the strong one. I need Eka back :(

Err ... that's depressing, ya? When what I actually started off was talking about Iron Man 2. Anyway, yeah I like the movie. The action sequence was same old same old for me. I love the japanese garden by the way! What I like the most about this movie were the lines that the characters said. They were funny and witty. It makes this movie more laid back and highly entertaining without the deep philosophical shit like all the Batman movies and at the same time not so dumb like the Fantastic 4 movies. I think with such witty lines, all the characters come accross as more interesting, even for characters that appears on only 1-2 scenes. Me being the weird me, somehow was noticing the cutting of Tony Stark's pants. Somehow he always seemed to be wearing pants which were rather loose. I don't know if there were any reasoning for that, but I do feel that it's rather interesting. It's like trying to be formal and yet at the same time, trying to still be relaxed and not so tightly formal, which is obviously inline with Tony Stark's character, of not really following the rule :P I am that strange! Do watch it people. It's very entertaining and I think it's a good start for summer blockbusters :)

I've uploaded some pictures from the Singapore Science Centre and the Chinese Garden visit last Saturday. You can click the links there. I don't think there are a lot of interesting pictures from the Singapore Science Centre. This is a picture from the Tesla Experiment. Not a good picture but I love how the lightning appeared.

These few are from the Chinese Garden. I am a sucker for flowers.

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