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So today is a public holiday which doesn't get many people excited because today is a Saturday, however I was so excited about it. I was excited about being able to wake up later but sadly I couldn't wake up as late as I wanted to. Today was spent at the Pixar Exhibition and Singapore Science Centre. Vivy was the one who booked the tickets for me and she included the Science Centre as well, which is good, I guess that's another thing off my Singapore list. Vivy and Denny were there too. The Pixar Exhibition was not bad. It kinda took us 2 hours to complete it, so there's pretty much a lot of things to see. There's some short animated film that they created way back in the early days when I was just a toddler. A lot of paintings of the storyboards and character designs. Kinda cool to see all those sketches. You can see that the papers were rather crumpled, because these things were really on their walls when they did production on these famous movies. So they surely had been touched and poked many times by many people. They really do have a lot of creative people and amazing artists.

The coolest thing that I saw was the Zoetrope example that they did with the Toy Story characters. It's amazing for me because it relies on the fact of how our brain inteprets things. It uses strobe light which the Science Center also uses in one of their exhibition. Me being philosophical and all was thinking that a single moment of darkness, a single blink of an eye, really can change the way we perceive things. I don't know if it's a bad thing though, seeing something as not what it really really is, but perhaps it's just some mechanism / feature that God chose to put in us to help us see the beauty in something, or perhaps just a defense mechanism in us to make us think that something is good instead of not. Taking pictures is not allowed inside the exhibition. I didn't try. I think you kinda can get away with it because there weren't many staff and they ones who were inside were just standing in one corner and joking.

These Monster Inc monsters are at the front door greeting the people.

Singapore Science Center has a lot of things inside it. It really knows how to get people involved and be interested with all the science concepts, a lot of buttons to push, knob to turn, things to peep into. I was thinking, this is what interactivity really all about. In the end I still did lose interest though :P There were some exhibitions that use augmented reality. I first heard about this from Vinny. I was actually really really interested to try to do this, however ... oh anyways, maybe if I have the time and willing to get myself a webcam, I can try this on my own. I took some pictures, but I don't have the time to go through it now. You'll know when I finish doing them up.

After which, I decided to go to Chinese Garden. Don't ask me why, I just thought it would be interesting. Took some pictures but in the end, decided not to hang around long. It was hot and I was getting really tired. So after that I decided to just call it the day. After around 3 weeks of abstaining from junk food, I gave in to temptation in a crazy manner today. Breakfast was KFC AM meal. I've always wondered how they taste. Obviously I didn't try all of them. I tried the waffles and eggs and a honey biscuit. It was nice and cheaper compared to McDonalds or Burger King. I love how the portion is really just nice, compared to McDonalds which can sometime feel like too much, and compared to Burger King which obviously just crazy much for 1 person to finish. Anyway, I am interested to try the chicken porridge from KFC. Dinner was McWings meal from McDonalds. I even chose upsize! Plus McFlurry as well. I did finish them all and I'm actually still pretty hungry right now. Too much junk in my body right now :(

I wanted to share a piece of thought. Dagi got me The Sister's Keeper for Christmas which I still haven't finished reading! Yeah, I should be embarrassed for that. Anyway, yesterday I read some lines said by a character which they removed in the movie adaption. The lines go like this, If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them. I wanted to rebut that, but I realized I couldn't really do so in all honesty. The question that I ask myself is, have I in the end enjoyed and desired solitude too much that right now I am asking for it a lot? It's so often that I wish people would just disappear and I could be on my own with peace and quiet. People may argue that everyone always need some time alone but people may not get how I really really don't want to have people around me most of the time. I do want to have my mom around me though right now. I miss my mom!!! I just want to be safe and protected :( Oh well, good night peeps! Take care!

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