For some reason

For some reason, I ended up watching Shutter Island today. I didn't enjoy it. I kinda regret watching it. It's too serious for my brain and it's just the wrong movie for me right now. I knew what it was all about before going in. I knew I didn't like the theme and yet I still went in. Hmmm, nothing much else can be said about the movie. With Leonardo DiCaprio always acting in serious movies, I kinda wish he would do a more "fun" movie.

For some reason, I am again short of cash. This time it's really bad. Aaarrrggghhhh. Looking at the near future, I may need a substantial amount of cash. Aaarrrgghh, I hate having to dig in into the stash. But I have to :'(

There's something major happening with me right now. But I cannot give details yet. Well most probably I will not give much details here anyway since I like to keep my private things private. I just need lots of prayer. My nerves are all over the place. I have much fear which is really very sinful of me. I prayed to God and yet it doesn't seem I have faith in the path He's giving me. I really have to repeat, If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it over and over again. I have to believe in that. Take care peeps. I wish you a peaceful life.

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