Break Week 1 ... Well Not Quite

This week supposed to be my first week of break but it didn't really come to that. Less than 24 hours since I walked out of the door, Chucky called asking if he could ask me to help him with something. I think he's already so into his role that he knows how to choose such words to make one feels important. Anyways, I thought why not but we were kinda hitting a wall when we reached the issue of 'denaro'. Then I got a call from someone who is kinda pleading for my good side and so in the end, I kinda gave in and Ms. Eka was back out of retirement on Thursday and Friday. I forget how tiring it could be. I don't think I was in my finest form but I think we did good. I am pretty satisfied with the results. I realize how I don't like noisy people. I guess I don't like people who talks a lot without much substance and I also realize how when I am around those people, instead of confronting them, I decide to just be more quiet around them, to the point of me stop speaking, and with hatred building up more and more. I suppose I have to find better ways to resolve certain things :P

After all that, I got very very tired. I was still very tired this morning that I had such a hard time waking up and switching my brain on. Somehow it made me miss Mr.P though it's never been a good idea to face Mr.P with half-dead brain. The thing is no matter how torturous Mr.P can be, he could definitely wake you up and I really really miss having a good laugh. Anyway, leave me alone with some people who are all quiet, my interrogative side bounds to surface. I think it's got something to do with my defence mechanism. It's like before people start wondering or sizing me up, I open fire first. So I was kinda asking Mr.N about how long he's been here and such and it came out in conversation that Mr.P is leaving Singapore very very soon. I got pretty sad even though I barely know him. It's always sad when someone is leaving? LM was saying how sad that we would never get him anymore, which is very true. He must have considered this move well after the many years he spends here. So I suppose it's a happy beginning for him. Still I am sad about people moving on because I feel that I'm still in the same place, which is kinda silly when I thought about it on the bus ride home, because the fact is, I am moving on. I am starting something new in a few weeks time. I think the nerves are creeping in. In a way I kinda hope that the nerves would just tire me out that when the day comes, all I can do is surrender. I think at the end of the day, that's kinda what matters, you have to surrender and let God or the power of the universe do their job to help you.

I did spend this week doing stuffs for myself. Been trying to learn something new but I think I kinda fail badly, aaarrggghh!!! For someone who is not bad at certain things, I do sucks at other things. Christ! I hope I can get my head around it soon. Did watch a movie this week, which was The Losers. The only way I can describe this movie is, it's another version of The A-Team. I didn't have much expectation for The Losers. I just hoped it was going to be entertaining enough but somehow even that fell kinda short. It was still interesting, still kinda fun, but I think they also tried to put some seriousness in it which I didn't really welcome. I hate that the story has a traitor in it. I was really really hoping that the traitor was just a decoy but it wasn't. I really hate traitors :P Anywho, I am looking forward for The A-Team though seeing the actors being cast for it made me kinda disappointed. I don't think the actors that they chose represent the characters well. This is even though the handsome Bradley Cooper is in it. Somehow I found him to be too rugged to play Face :P When I was young, I like the tv series very much that I have high expectation for the movie version. Right now, it doesn't look like it's gonna be amazing for me but nevertheless I am looking forward for it. Other than movie, well not much really. Did have dinner, did have ice-cream, and tea! Yes that is strange, especially that it cost S$6 for a small pot. Luckily I didn't pay for that :P Next week seems to be quite busy for me :( I hope I will be able to put something substantial inside my brain next week. For a person who supposes to be having a relaxing-worry-free break, I am putting too much pressure on myself, ya? Damn, I really don't know how to relax. I do still have to admit though that I am not that sad and in intense worry this week :) So life is pretty good and I hope yours is too :)

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