Hello everyone! How has the weekend been treating you so far? Do you sense a bit of happiness in that sentence? ;p Anyways, the sky has been dark and cloudy, the wind is blowing, the thunder has been rumbling and yet it hasn't really rained yet :( It's been really hot these days, some cold air would be great!

Okay, enough small talk about the weather. Gonna share something about the major happening that I hinted in the last post. This week I ended a 6-year relationship. People who knows me knows that I have no boyfriend but I feel the word 'relationship' is not only reserved for boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It can be about many things which involves you putting yourself into it. So this week, the day that everyone has been wondering if it ever happens and when, happened. Ironically not many people knows about it and somehow I don't really feel like going around telling people in my contact list. Perhaps I look forward for them to find out on their own, to hear them gasp and say, "OH MY GOD!!!" or "Finally!!!". Finally indeed, after around 6 years and 3 months.

I have been imagining that day many times but when it happened it didn't happen the way I imagined it to be. There were not much sadness. A lot of relief. I would liken it to being able to finally breathe. Just like my cousins said, it's like tonnes of weight are gone from my shoulders and heart. I've always imagined of the parting gifts and the thank you email that I would do. I did none of that. I suppose it's because many people that I would sincerely thank have departed before me. Perhaps my exit could be handled better, however I think I shouldn't do things to please people when obviously I've never been looked after properly. In the end, how bad or how wrong people think it was, I can proudly and happily say or sing, I did it my way! :) and anyway, why should we care about what people think, right? I know for me, in the end, I don't freaking care.

So I am having a 3-week break. Aarrrghh, days can really go by fast :( but I am trying not to think about that. I just want to breathe and enjoy the blue sky. I would really really really like to be outside and be under the blue sky. The plan for now is to be a tourist in Singapore and to learn as much as I can. It's Sunday evening peeps and I have no worries. I am not depressed. I am light and at peace. I've wanted this feeling for so long and it really does feel good. Maybe this feeling won't last, maybe it will. For now I am just thankful for every worry-free breathe that I am taking.

Oh, as for the title, ask me personally to know what it means ;) If you are a Singaporean who's into 4D or toto (which I am still not sure how to do), you can use those numbers and if you win something, well I am in need of a free dinner or lunch or gelato! Take care peeps. I wish you lots of happiness and peace :)

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