Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Hello peeps. Managed to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid today and I love it. It's actually a kid / teenager movie and me being 28, of course it's rather alarming that I still get interested and captivated by this type of movie. I believe it's because there's a large part of me who seriously does not want to grow up and kinda never grows up.

Anyway in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I actually like the "sidekick" more, the boy named Rowley. His character just had so much confidence in him to be himself and not try to pretend to be someone else, someone "cooler". So it's kinda adorable and admirable. However, I do think that some things were a bit unrealistic about him and his character. For example when he showed up wearing something like a poncho, noone made fun of him. So that was kinda unrealistic. Even Betty in Ugly Betty got totally made fun of. However still, Rowley was so lovable, he's really such a nice and good friend. How about Rowley for a boy's name? :P The main character, Greg, kinda appeared as an ass for me, even though the movie is centered on him trying to make it in middle school. Well when you kinda have a character like Rowley at the other side, it's kinda hard to come as the more likeable one. The other kids were also interesting, like the Indian boy, Chirag Gupta, and the super weird boy, Fregley. Fregley was really really funny and he really had the look for it :) Well, I had fun watching this movie. It feels good to be laughing and to get away from my life for awhile.

On other news, I've gotten my passport. This reminded me that I have to start remembering the number. I also have to update this to Singapore's immigration and I also have to check the filing of my tax. One of the thing that I hate the most here is having to pay tax. Yes, I am sounding that unreasonable. Well, new passport, I have to christen it. Unfortunately, money is not really at a surplus. Alrighty, take care peeps! 2 days to go 'til long weekend.

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