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One thing that's perhaps quite obvious and predictable of me to be doing, is to catch up on the movies that I haven't watched since I was away. There were a few that I wanted to watch when I was at home, but again since I was sick, I wasn't able to go out :( Coming back here, I realized some of the movies that I wanted to watch was phasing out that the timing wasn't good :( I did manage to watch Nine with Vivy yesterday :)

I was quite interested to watch this movie simply because of a line from one of the song which was showing in the trailer, which was be Italian!. The movie was pretty good because of the heavy weights who starred in it. Seriously, I thought the story was perhaps so-so but because of the amazing actor and actresses in it, the movie became quite amazing. Notice that I wrote actor in singular form, because basically there's just 1 major male character, Daniel Day-Lewis, who played Guido Contini, on which the story is centered on. Daniel Day-Lewis is just a real fine actor. He's so different in this movie. The movies which I remember him from are Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood in which he played a real fierce man. So this role in Nine is totally different and he did amazing! He was so Italian despite of being British. I really really like him in this movie. I remembered a conversation we had with Francesca on a Sunday about Daniel Day-Lewis learning the craft of shoe making in Florence. I guess that experience helped him in becoming a real Italian :P Too bad he wasn't nominated for an academy award. I guess the competition was really tight.

With the actresses, they were just amazing as well. Nicole Kidman was stunningly beautiful. Penélope Cruz is somehow always seems to be perfect for this kinda manic passionated role. I cannot believed that someone once liken me to her character Maria Elena in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Marion Cotillard was a real good actress as well. I happened to watch her in Public Enemies during my holiday and I think she always did well in her movies. Obviously her most amazing role is in La Vie En Rose. She's looking pretty cute in Nine. Judi Dench and Sophia Loren are of course so experienced. Judi Dench was such a fun to watch and Sophia Loren being the celebrated her, one is really looking at her on every scene she's in. Overall the movie is good and the cast is amazing. I kinda miss Italia seeing the scenes *sigh*

There's a song that Daniel Day-Lewis sang at the beginning, entitled Guido's Song. I feel that the song represents me too. In a way, I get what the character Guido felt. He was looking for answer, he wanted to just feel alright, he wanted to stop, he wants everything to just reveal themselves to him, and he was so restless. I am all that too. I feel that. So when he sang the song, it kinda resonated with me, especially the line I would like the universe to get down on it's knees and say, "Guido, whatever you please, it's okay. Even if it's impossible, we'll arrange it." That's all that I want. I feel exactly the same! So people, if you have time and not so turned off with musical, do watch it. It's pretty interesting :)

On other news, I uploaded some pictures from home to my flickr. I was feeling black and white. Perhaps because I thought the pictures weren't that amazing, so I turned them black and white to make them more interesting. Some of the pictures are not good in black and white though, so perhaps later when I have the time to experiment with my newly installed Adobe Photoshop CS4, I'll put them up. For now buonanotte peeps! Vi voglio bene!

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