Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles

Hey peeps. I had paella for lunch and waffle + ice cream for tea time and yet I am terribly hungry right now. I don't know why, things just don't settle well and correctly today. Something is just not 100% right *sigh* This morning, I wanted to have breakfast and yet with my buses coming late, I didn't have time to do so :( We started today's session with changes. We don't get Mr. P anymore and people were wondering why, hmm ... I guess Mr. P is like someone you like and hate at the same time. He's not around and you wonder why. When he's around, you dislike the torture. Anywho, we get Mdm. S now. She's okay. I feel that things are moving slower now, but I guess everyone else feel more secure with her. Yeni is not joining us anymore so that's sad. Little boy Nicky is also not among us either. I kinda miss him as well, because towards the end he became rather vocal and did say funny things. I also think it's better if there's another male other than Raggio in a room full of ladies. Oh well.

After which I went to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D with NanSee. I don't know, these days if a movie comes in a 3D version, I would end up choosing the 3D instead of the 2D version. I still don't know if it makes a difference. In the case of Alice, I think it doesn't because I feel that the movie will still be wonderful in 2D and anyway the story or the adventure to be more correct was really good that all the other things were kinda secondary. To be honest, I was never a fan of Alice in Wonderland. When I was young, the story was kinda too crazy and weird for me that rather than leaving me feeling happy, interested, and curious, I ended up having a bit of nightmare. So when the movie came out, I wasn't too excited about it either, even though there's Johnny Depp in it. The fact that it's a Tim Burton's movie was more of a turn off because he's well known for making things darker and he just have a weird sense of comedy? I thought he made Willy Wonka to be such a weirdo, almost to the point of being scary :( I did however enjoy very very much Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp was in that one as well, I thought it was brilliant. Oh I also like Big Fish. So anyway, why in the end I wanted to watch this movie was I think simply because this is a very talk-about movie, everyone is talking about it and gonna watch it. There's a lot of hype around it and also for me, it's because there's Johnny Depp in it. Man! I think he's a really cool actor. I think he did well in this movie though some of the manic expression that he made, we have seen it before. I even thought at some point his character, Mad Hatter, was channeling Jack Sparrow :P

I thought the movie was really good. I like the story. The scenes were quite beautiful and at the same time you can see that's it's really Tim Burton's style. The cast was also really good. The girl who played Alice was so likeable. Helena Bonham Carter was evil. She's just really good at playing these kinda characters. I like how this is a different kind of evil, a more selfish kind. She's still the scariest in Harry Potter. I like Anne Hathaway as well. She's just funny too watch. All her mannerism of being kind and nice were funny. The cheshire cat was actually cute and adorable. I like it!!! The cheshire cat used to be the one that scared me the most. When I was young, the grin could give me nightmare. However I like the cheshire cat in this movie, I guess he's the second most adorable cat in a movie after the cat in Shrek? Oh I have to also say I love hearing Alan Rickman's voice as the caterpillar, though I could only remember his name after going to wikipedia. I'm really really looking forward to see Professor Snape again. Do watch it people. The story was nice, it's really like an adventure. At one point, I don't even want it to end. Hmmm ... I guess it's one correct thing that I did today :) Oh yeah, like when in imdb, they will give you trivia or goof and such, well I am going to give you one. At the beginning of the movie, Alice's dad was talking about cities in Asia and mentioned Jakarta. Well at that period of time, Jakarta wouldn't have been around. It would have been known as Batavia instead :)

A bit of story to share. This week I was so close to closing my life here in Singapore and moving back to Jakarta. It was really really close, that I was thinking of things to close over here and things to start over there. I was thinking about having my dad help me with transportation, having cable tv and internet connection at home. I was thinking about my room which gonna actually be my "room" with actual personal stuff and how the other room which is kinda my brother's walk in closet now is gonna be my walk in closet as well. It was quite weird and perhaps frightening how ready I was to start a life there and leaving my life here. You see, a door presents itself to me. I was quite surprised that it came my way. Something when it happens, do happen really fast. Things were looking interesting and I was actually excited about the opportunity it presents and God knows how I haven't been excited about something for a long long time :( Unfortunately not all the variables are right and so I couldn't make the move *sigh* Maybe it is a good thing that it doesn't work out. But I cannot help feeling a bit sad that finally someone wants me and yet I cannot take them :(

It was surprising that my mom was also against me coming back. I don't know how she would react but I really didn't expect for her to really say I should be staying here. I thought she would be neutral. NanSee was convinced my mother would want me to go back. So perhaps my mother does know me better than anyone else. When people back home asked me when I was going to come back for good, they kinda didn't put into consideration that I do have a life here. Yes, it is a crappy life but it's still a life in which I am in charge of. After 10 years, I have built relationships here. I do have friends here. Very very very few friends, but I do know some people and most of all I have my independence and things that I do here. Perhaps my mother realizes that and she realizes that I do have to give up a lot here. So unless the situation back home can tip the scale, she feels that I am giving way too much. I see it as a sign from God. I think when it's right, it will be right and right now it's not right yet.

Speaking of home, here are a few pictures from home that I didn't turn to black and white. They're kinda unsuitable to be turned to black and white anyway. If you wonder why am I talking about black and white, well because I did this. So here you can see some pictures in colors. Jakarta has been having rain, so you gonna see some rain droplets studies that I did. Then there's the sunset and the shadow formed of my mother's plants. Not being able to get out much, I pretty much took a lot of pictures of the plants :P Then there's also a picture of one of the turtle of the house. It's the other turtle than the one in the black and white set. Okay, that's all, bon weekend everyone!

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