New York, I Love You

Watched New York, I Love You with Vivy today. This movie didn't get much publicity that it was by chance that I found out that it was out. I can't help comparing this one to Paris, Je T'Aime, the movie in which New York, I Love You was modelled after. Well there are many differences between the 2 movies, obviously the location and the language, but one other main difference is Paris, Je T'Aime was very segmented while in New York, I Love You, the characters still kinda can been seen walking in and out of scenes of segments not related to them. So this thing about New York, I Love You make it more similar to movies like Crash, Love Actually, and Babel. Storywise, I felt that Paris, Je T'Aime had more creativity and depth in their stories. Some of the stories in it were so different and kinda in a different plane of existence from each other, for example the segment about the vampire and the little boy talking about his clown parents. New York, I Love You on the other hand had stories which were kinda more similar, more low key, maybe if I can say, a more typical American movie? Some of the parts were not really making sense for me on why they were there, like the very short part about the boy buying his girlfriend tickets to Rome unexpectedly. Then the story with Shia LaBeouf in it, well I don't really get it. I heard there were parts being cut off, I wonder if it makes any difference but it sure is interesting to watch the cut off parts. The movie is still sweet though. My favourite part was about the old couple. It was funny, I had a good laugh. My next favourite was perhaps the part with Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci in it. That's kinda sweet! I think I'm just a sucker for good conversation. I like movies where the characters are just kinda into talking to each other, like Ethan Hawke's Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. Hmmm ... I miss that time, that time when it seemed I was talking to him all the time *sigh* Anyways, do watch it if you want to but after you watch it, I do hope you get around to watch Paris, Je T'Aime as well :) I myself haven't watched the full version of it but I remember there were segments that I really like, like the last one :)

When I told Yeni that I was watching this today she said she didn't see me as someone who watches this kinda thing :D I have no idea where she gets these kinda ideas from. Have I already showed much of my skepticism about love? :P But I supposed many people do get suprised with what I do or how I react or how I feel. I have no idea if it's me being fake on my first interaction with them or I am that murky. Anyways, today kinda started with the question, "Did you all have a good week?". I didn't really answer that because I don't think I have an exceptionally good week. I even woke up earlier than I wanted today because my nose was blocked and a slight of flu attacked me. I was thinking how I don't really enjoy question like that and the simple, "How are you?". I guess if you don't have anything wonderful to say, those questions just come as a hassle because you have to access why things are not great *sigh* Yeni told me something quite encouraging today so it was nice of her. But I'm just feeling so much darkness and fear that it's kinda hard to breathe sometime. I wish I can freeze this time right now, this 8 pm something on a Saturday night. I wish the time will just stop until I am ready :( I hope you guys are well and are having less worrying times than me. Take care peeps!

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