of Life - 05/12/09

It's been a long while since I last wrote. Do you miss me when I don't write? Most probably you don't. So it's December now, the last month of the year. In fact we have kinda gone through the first week of December, so days are really moving to the end of the year, which will soon bring me to another year of being older. Whooaa ... not loving it. The other week, I was asking Yeni what age she is turning to in around 2 weeks. She said 30. I asked how it feels like, does she feel okay? :P She's like totally cool about it. Maybe at a certain age you just become acceptant? :P I was telling her that on my 29th birthday, I will most probably have a big bash to celebrate the last year of being in the twenties. Unfortunately, I am such a boring person so me and big party do not mesh. But I do want a whole year filled with exciting stuff though, a full year of happy and perhaps crazy adventures. I guess, I should start saving money for it :P

So how have I been? Nothing interesting really. Had a bit of flu on Thursday. Maybe if I had pushed it, I could have made it for the whole day but I really wasn't feeling it. So I decided to leave earlier and by the time I saw the doctor, I was actually sicker. The good doctor gave me a day off on Friday too. So spent yesterday in my room. Feeling okay now but just rather un-energetic. On my way back today, I really felt so tired in the bus. I don't know, maybe I actually have enough energy, it's just I didn't push myself much. Feeling quite depressed about Monday now *sigh*

So after today's session, I went for lunch with the husbandless. Ah these ladies are gonna hate me for calling them that :P It was supposed to be a bigger group but somehow it just ended up with us, the usual peeps. Lunch was at NYDC - Wheelock. I got remembered that the last and first time I was there was with Astley and some unusual combination of people. Somehow I couldn't really remember all the people who were there but some memories from that evening with Astley did come back *sigh*

Anyways, Oshie had successfully recommended me 2 things. The first one was the band Owl City which he loves because of the song Fireflies and the second one was the tv series, Glee, which he has mentioned so many times. So I got around to check out Owl City and I really really really love this band! I think the guy behind it is really talented and a good writer. From its latest album. Ocean Eyes, I first fell in love with The Bird and The Worm. This song is so loveable that it totally made my day happy and bright that Monday when I heard it. I love it, it's cute and just so lovey dovey in a quirky way :) Currently I am also in love with Vanilla Twilight. The lyrics are so sweet. The lyrics are actually kinda sad but it was so sweet that you just feel comforted with it. I love it. Totally recommending this to all of you. Kinda want to get the T-shirt too but perhaps it's not worth it to send it all the way here :(

I am currently addicted to Glee which is an American tv series about a show choir. I find this tv series to be amazingly fresh and entertaining. Love the music, love the unique loveable characters, love the witty amazing lines! If you think that this is like High School Musical, it's really not like that. After you get to know the imperfect characters in the show plus the crazy witty lines that they say, you realize that this tv series is not really for the kids. Loving it, loving it!!! I'm so gonna have a withdrawal symptom when this show goes for a break until April :(

Well, that's pretty much it about life peeps. I don't really have things to look forward to. I've just been trying to survive and make it through each day and hoping that something beautiful is gonna come my way. Take care all :)

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