Natale in Bianco e Nero

Si, io so che non devo scrivere il mio blog a quest'ora. Ma la verità è non sto facendo niente da circa un'ora fa. Sto facendo la mia cosa personale come cambiando le mie foto così che loro sono in bianco e nero. Ah, scrivere in Italiano è difficile. Dimentico molte cose :( Ho bisogno di cercare le parole sul dizionario. Comunque, domani avrò un piccolo esame francese. Sono pronta? Non lo so, penso di no. Sono stanca :( così stanotte voglio solo dormire presto e spero che domani tutto vada bene. Allora, ritorniamo alla terra e parliamo in Inglese :P

Kinda nice to be able to speak in another language, then I can write things that I don't want people who speak english to understand. Why don't I write in Indonesian, you say? I don't know. I miss speaking in Italian, I suppose.

Anyways, went to Singapore Botanical Garden after dark on Sunday with Vivy. It was my first time going there after dark. The park is large but in the dark it seems like it's even larger. Because it's dark, you can't see much, and hence kinda hard to be able to establish distance and what ahead and for directionally-challenged people like me, it got kinda frustrating to find our way around. Why were we there? Because I was curious about this Trees of The World Light Up thing that they're having. Suprisingly and luckily, Vivy was willing to accompany me :D

Basically there were a lot of christmas trees being decorated by local communities / organizations and some embassies. Kinda nice and interesting. I think they were encouraged to use recycled materials which somehow for me managed to ruin the idea of a nice comforting christmas tree. But I am just spoiled and high maintenance. So you shouldn't listen to my idiotic opinion there. Overall though, the people did become really creative and some of the trees were kinda nice :P I uploaded the pictures on flickr. There were some that I really like, like this orchid snowman and this wonderful setting.

I wanted to post some of the pictures that I didn't upload in flickr here. Then I got photoshop-crazy that I started to turn them in black and white. I kinda really love the effect (hence the word crazy). With christmas trees and christmas, you kinda like all the colours and light. With black and white pictures, all those colours are gone and yet I feel there's still a certain light and spirit captured in it. Many times I am never able to explain myself well, so if you don't understand what I mean, never mind :P By the way, is that sentence logically weird? Many times and never in the same sentence? How weird am I? Okay, okay, here you go :)

Actually, we are going to start in Orchard first. This first picture is of the decorations inside Ion's christmas tree. In case you don't know, you can get inside the christmas tree.

Then this is a section of Orchard light-up. This is the one near Tanglin Mall. I would just say it's the blue section :P

These ones are the ones from the christmas trees inside Singapore Botanical Garden.

Last one is the black and white picture of this from a different angle. In this picture, I am not liking the presence of the short lamp-post on the left. Oh well.

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