The Christmas Long Weekend

Hello guys, how has Christmas been treating you so far? All's good? I do hope you have a merry christmas. Mine is pretty quiet, which is not unexpected.

Got naughty yesterday and took off earlier than I should have done. Was kinda a big deal for me but many people will see it as not a big deal at all. When I was on the bus, I realized how controlled I am and how I like things to follow the rule. Of course, still I like the rule to be bent my way if it benefits me, who doesn't ya? So yesterday I went to watch Avatar in 3D. Alone. Was supposed to watch it with Oshie but he decided to go home. Hope he gets the well-needed rest and encouragement from his family. Anyways, it's been a long time since I watched a movie alone. But I guess it's also been a long time since I last watched a movie. The last movie I watched was 2012 which was a month ago! When I realized that, I feel it's kinda incredible that I managed to stay away from a cinema for a month plus!

Okay let's talk about Avatar. Something must still be really wrong with me because just like 2012, after watching it I don't feel extremely excited or blown away and to think so many peple are raving about this movie. What I really like about the movie is how beautiful Pandora is. It's just an amazing world. The plants life were amazing. Cannot really say the same thing about the animals though. Although I will sum up Pandora as fluorescent on high, I still like it very very much despite that mockery I gave :P Pandora at night is amazing! Storywise, I cannot say much about Avatar. All are kinda too predictable, aren't they? Even though I don't like unhappy ending, I kinda hope the movie had an unhappy ending so that it wouldn't be too typical or Hollywood standard story. With so many imagination being poured into the world of Pandora, somehow imagination is lacking on the story. One that I thought was really strange was the fact that an alien life form will also kiss and make out and make love like human. I don't know, I somehow think that if there's alien life form out there, they wouldn't be like human at all. The Na'vi in Avatar is pretty similar like human in many ways, they sleep, eat, cry, bury the dead ones. All that is not really my kind of Alien. So anyways, as mentioned, I am not really that blown away with this movie but do watch it to see Pandora. It may not matter much whether to watch it in 3D or not. If you are not that totally excited about the movie, I think the 2D version will suffice :)

Okay nothing much to say. I woke up early today and as such I am feeling sleepy now. Merry Christmas everyone! My Christmas wish is may God have mercy on my soul. Take care all!!!

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