Of Life - 07.11.09

Hello peeps. Had a nightmare on my nap today and I really didn't like it. Aaarrghhh!!! My nightmares usually are not about monsters or death situation but about uncomfortable situations and they are so bad because of how they make me feel inside it. The feeling kinda lingered when I woke up so normally I would feel moody afterwards (not like the moody feeling hasn't been happening all the time) *sigh*

Anyway today started quite weird also. You know how when you sleep, it's like the time for your brain to reboot. Well my reboot happened pretty weird this early morning. This has actually happened before. I got awoken and I didn't know where I was and what I was actually doing. I got totally disoriented. Normally then I would first realized I just got awoken from a sleep and then I tried to figure out where I was. Somehow normally I would try to think if I was in my bed in Jakarta and then I got utterly disappointed to know I was in Singapore. This morning however, I didn't get to figure that out. After the location question came, my brain somehow wanted to quickly figure out what day it is. I figured it was Saturday morning and with that information, all were cleared. I knew where I was and what will be happening. I wonder if you guys have experienced similar thing?

Anyways, I had quite a full social week. Kinda good to be meeting different people and be doing different stuff and talking different stuff. Kinda good to be spending time with people who are nice.

1) Went to watch My Sister's Keeper last Sunday with Vivy. Darn it, I cried a lot. I think this is the only movie that made me cry that much. It's like crying from start to end! I read in Wikipedia that the original story from the book differs quite greatly with the movie but I like how the movie ends. I think if it had followed the book, it would have been more depressing. Abigail Breslin was of course great. Cameron Diaz did really well too. You don't get to sense her silliness at all which normally occur in the comedies that she did. I thought the cast were really great. An emotionally draining movie but I thought it was really good.

2) Tuesday I met Oshie for dinner. The last time I saw him was actually on Christmas last year! I think he has physically changed a bit but that's the least of his changes actually. I don't know how informative and helpful I was for him during dinner :( I don't think I helped much. He's gonna go through a big change in life soon. I asked him how it felt. He said he was feeling excited about it. I kinda like that spirit in him. I hope things gonna turn out great for him which most probably will because he works so hard and I'm sure he's not gonna stop fighting. I have a stand that sometime what matter is just you work hard for whatever it is you are doing even though people don't think much of what you do because ultimately I feel it is God that you should impress. Everything that will happen will come from God or at least that's how I want it to be. I want what happen in my life to be from God. I feel sincerity in what you do is very important. Personally I just would like to kick ass in no matter what I do :P

3) Wednesday I went to watch a show by Ennio Marchetto. I got a free ticket courtesy of The Italian Cultural Institute :) I chose to take la Gioia since she took me for a ballet performance during Singapore Sun Festival. Ennio Marchetto's performance was quite funny though I found some of the jokes were pretty crude. Seriously there was one part which I thought was too crude for the conservative uptight me. The least crude but still disturbing for me was when Kermit the frog was stroking Ms. Piggy's body with the tune of Touch My Body from Mariah Carey. Err ... it was disturbing for me. There were some kids in the show. I don't know if their parents had to explain anything especially during the crudest part which I'm not gonna write. The show does make me think that there's definitely a generation gap between the youngster and the older ones. The youngster ones may wonder who were the people, who were actually Freddie Mercurie, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and such. The older ones may wonder who were the people, who were actually people like Kanye West and Lady Gaga. I wonder if there will come a time as well when I'm not following what's happening currently. Perhaps it has happened actually.

4) Yesterday I met up with Yeni to prep her for today. Got a free dinner out of it :P I really like having her in my Saturday's engagement. I realize it's kinda really nice to have an Indonesian around. Today I see new people. It's always the case that people would just disappear slowly but I really hope the core group will stay for long. It would be kinda hard to keep doing this alone.

On other news. I have been kinda crazy with photoshop photomerge since the photoshop world event that I attended last week. Been playing with my pictures but I don't have much pictures to play with. If I had known how easy it is, I would have taken my pictures better. Unfortunately my vaio will not be able to take all the heavy work. Aarrghh ... is it possible that someone buy me a new laptop? *sigh* You can see what I have been doing here. They are totally far from perfect and I wonder if they are printed if they are any good, but so far on screen, they are kinda nice :P Some of my favourites are below. Julia Child said don't say anything you do is of no good to people. Let them figure it out by themselves. Chances are they may not, so why bring yourself down in front of them. However I am gonna comment on these pictures and maybe it will help you be more critical if you see pictures :P

This one is of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. I really like this picture. I really like the pastel yellow and orange houses on the bridge especially since the rest of the buildings wear a light pastel colours. Not really a good composition but really with the angle I had, it's the best I have.

This one is of the Tuscan hills and vineyards. Kinda nice small but its original size kinda look not so nice on my Vaio.

The last one, the longest yet, and most problematic is of the Hongkong skyline. This comes from pictures from different days. There's quite a difference from the part on the left and the one on the right. The right one is actually sharper than the one on the left. The shots from the different days show how different the weather were. The one on the left has clouds while the one on the right has a dark sky. Did you notice that? :P I like the colours of the reflection on the water! Very very nice!

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