Eka is sleepy because she didn't have her nap today. Alright, gonna stop with the 3rd person thingy. Had a difficult time waking up this morning because my bed was in the perfect temperature *sigh* It feels rather unfair having to wake up early on a Saturday morning. I remember stupidly telling God something like I don't know what heaven looks like, but thank you God, my bed feels so heavenly. I am that silly. In the end I woke up later and was late today.

Watched 2012 with Yeni today. She missed her yoga class and in the end decided that we should just watch the movie now instead of the initially planned tomorrow. It was kinda funny when we were telling people, how about watching vingt douze? and people didn't really get it. Maybe I said it wrongly :P Anyway, I wanted to watch 2012 because I love John Cusack. Unless the movie is not so interesting or a horror, I will most likely watch any movie with John Cusack in it :P Con Air was the movie where I fell in love with him :P

Watching 2012, I was racking my brain what is another movie that carries similar theme as this one, where a vessel was being made and human being and species of living things were chosen to fill the vessel so that after the doomsday was over, the world could be populated with selected species? I think there's a movie like this, no? The idea of 2012 kinda scares me. I've watched a few disaster movies but I don't recall feeling frightened with the theme they present. Many scientists have said it's very unlikely that doomsday will happen on December 2012 but if doomsday does happen the way the movie showed it, it's kinda too freaky. The special effects are actually what captivated me the most in this movie. It must feel so nice to be able to generate such a catastrophe with all the cool softwares.

Story wise, I can't say it to be amazingly cool. For an action movie there's quite a lot of drama in it, which was not necessarily good. I even feel it was slightly boring. As much as I like John Cusack, he didn't particularly stand out in this movie, or particularly adorable and likeable. If any character stood out, for me it would be Woody Harrelson who played a nutty person who was telling everyone that doomsday is coming. Overall, getting out of it, I wasn't as excited as I was about it going in. It's another doomsday movie. I don't know, maybe I am just really losing interest on a lot of things. I wonder if something will hit me, charge me, and intrigue me. Per favore Dio, per favore?

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