Waiting for Time to Pass - 07/10/09

Obviously I am not supposed to do this on a Wednesday, when my watch is still saying 5:57 pm (it's 4 minutes faster by the way), but as the title implies, I am waiting for time to pass and I have a whole 20-25 minutes of it to go *sigh* Let's do this in point, in chronological order (I hope).

1. Went to watch the International Ballet Galla with principal dancers from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatre with la Gioia last Saturday evening. It was part of the Singapore Sun Festival or as I like to call it, festival for the rich. Well as written in the website, The time to indulge in the Art of Living Well is back as we celebrate ten days of premium lifestyle and arts events with the Singapore Sun Festival 2009! Yeah festival for the rich. Well I am not rich for being able to see one of its event. We went because la Gioia got free tickets from her friend. The ballet was interesting and fun. Brought back memories of when I was infatuated with ballet when in my younger days I read the japanese comic series, Mari Chan. Aaah, I just love it! However, we did kinda lost interest towards the end. Maybe we were just hungry. We ended the night with Italian dinner. It's been awhile since I last had pasta *sigh* If you are curious, my safe choice for pasta meal, is anything frutti del mare :P I need my meat :P

2. Went to watch Fame yesterday. Well it's between that or Funny People but Fame timing was more suitable. I loved it when Oshie said I should watch Fame instead of Funny People to help the aspiring artists :P He said in Funny People, there were too many overpaid actors :D I will still watch it though.

Anyway, so I was sitting there and thinking, yes surely with my age, certain things shouldn't entertain and amuse me much anymore but there I was watching Fame which is perhaps more intended for a younger (than me) target audience :P I kinda enjoyed it though, but maybe more because of the act of watching a movie again. The storyline was kinda pretty much non-existence. I mean it was so shallow that nothing much can be said. Kinda a pity though because I remember watching Fame the TV series when I was young and remembered liking it a lot. I even have bits of memory of the teachers and students but here in Fame 2009 the movie, noone is memorable. I can only say 1 guy is memorable and it's because I found him extremely cute and again I am too old to be crushing over some youngster like that :P So, yeah, I am not really recommending this much, unless this is really your thing and you are dying for some easy to digest entertainment.

3. Still keeping to myself a lot but had been somehow cornered to do stuff with people and I don't actually welcome that much. I was cornered to answer a phone call and the conversation was not fun for me. Was cornered to go for lunch with the Saturday peeps but this one ended quite good because it's been a while since I went to Swensens* and yes apparently I miss it :P Had a good durian ice-cream :D I need more ice-cream!!! I start to enjoy my Saturday morning engagement though I do still get nervous of being tortured. Last week, I was tortured with the word, musculation, darn it! :P

4. A friend told me that he has broken up with his girlfriend. Kinda funny because when I found out that he has a girlfriend, I was kinda sworn to secrecy about it. So things happened and passed and noone knew about it. Does it make it less sad that his relationship ended? He said he needed to take care of himself and in no place to be taking caring other people. I told him, I want to use that line if people ask me why I am so antisocial ... because people who wants thing from me sucks! :P

5. I told a friend, "Hey, this guy (we both know this guy) is married?!!". This friend said he didn't care and I love that. I love how he doesn't actually have perfect relationship with people as well. The thing is in our lives in the past, him and the guy kinda were in the same circle but apparently they have grown so far apart. I know I am so bad for being happy but it makes me feel good to know that other people's relationship can also grow apart. It's not just me!!! That sense of relieved is so comforting :P

Eh, I guess that's it peeps. Nothing much else to say. I am running out of time anyway. Ciao

*Penso che l'ultima volta che sono stata a Swensens, sono stata con lui. Ma lui veramente non è nella mia vita adesso. Non essere triste, Eka!

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