Paris 36 & Funny People

Deepavali holiday today!!! I was so excited about it even though I know many people don't feel like today is any special, normal old Saturday for them. But for me it was being able to sleep late yesterday without being obligated to quickly sleep and waking up late today when I felt like it :) I really welcome this kind of free Saturday now and then :) So here what I did with the day off.

Went to watch Paris 36 with Ms. J yesterday. I wasn't actually interested to watch it even though Odile told us about it excitedly some weeks ago. What happened was, Lois was interested and she posted a message in her facebook wall. Ms. J said she was interested as well. I googled and watched the trailer and was quite interested with the colourful trailer so I told them let's watch it. However Lois couldn't make it yesterday and so me and Ms. J decided to just go on with ourselves.

I like Paris 36. There's something about the movie which is sweet and nice. Somehow Hollywood just don't make this kinda movie. I recognized the lead actor from Les Choristes. I also recognized the boy who played his son. He was also in Les Choristes and their characters were also close in that movie. The boy obviously has grown and I must say he grows to be quite a good actor. Anyway, the story is pretty easy and simple but I think the whole thing was well done. I love the performances towards the end, the lead girl sang realy well and the sets and costumes were nice and colourful. I thought some of the scenes were really pretty and nice. Nice movie and I'm glad I got to watch it and spent some time with Ms. J since I haven't seen her for a long time.

Then today, I woke up late and went to pray and then I went to watch Funny People in Iluma Bugis. My first time there actually. I kinda like it because it's new and it's pretty empty. Well poor the people there that's it's quite empty but it's good because well I just don't like many people. Anyway about the movie, Oshie did tell me to give this one a miss then Ms. J told me it was crude. Somehow I was adamant to watch it and I don't think it was amazing. It was crude, most of the jokes were about sex and I found them to be really crude and I didn't find them funny :( I wonder if this type of joke are really what Americans like because if they do, they're kinda pretty screwed up :( The story itself wasn't impressive for me. I think if it's meant to be funny, it wasn't funny. If it's meant to be dramatic, it wasn't dramatic. I wasn't even sympathetic to Adam Sandler's character. I don't even know what to think about it, I guess I got pretty confused. I keep on thinking what is he trying to do. I was thinking that the only serious movie that I saw him in was Spanglish and I kinda enjoyed that but I didn't really enjoy Funny People. I find it to be long as well :( However, I think each of the character were really good on their own. I was particularly amused with the dynamic of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Jason Schwartzman as roommates. Their relationship was cute :P Well, that's all pretty much it.

Hmm ... I don't really want to write about other things though it seems I have a lot of opinions on things. I guess ... just take care peeps. Hope you have a great week ahead!

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