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Hello peeps. I have water in my ear, it feels rather annoying :( Gonna have a bad day tomorrow and I know I shouldn't say I'm gonna have a bad tomorrow because what good does it do me when I say that. I should be thankful if I get to live another day. However I've just been feeling rather tortured doing my days :( Alright, enough about this depressing stuff.

Went to watch Coco avant Chanel yesterday. I'm not really a big fan of Audrey Tautou. She's so skinny and small that I find it to be quite a turn off but I think she's a very good actress and though at times her face can look odd, there's something so beautiful about her face. I like her eyes because they are big and they really accentuate her expressions. Anyways Coco avant Chanel is quite enjoyable though I have a feeling that some people may find it uninteresting. It's not bad. I love the clothes that appeared at the end of the movie. I thought Audrey Tautou was great and I was also drawn to Alessandro Nivola who played the character that Coco Chanel fell in love with :P

Well nothing much to say about my life peeps. Schmap chose a picture I took in Boboli Garden for their Florence guide. I was looking at the pictures from the other people and I feel rather amazed seeing how the garden looked in different seasons. When I go through my pictures, they bring so much memories. I really really hope that I can do this kinda thing again in other parts of the world and I really really hope I can return to Italy (per favore Dio!). Anyways, here are 2 pictures I took when I was in the garden. I was contemplating if I should put the first one, especially since people like my friend, Dewi, will have strong comment about it. This is from one of the grottoes in the garden. I decided to put this because I thought it was a good picture :P The second picture is showing the view of Florence with their famous landmarks. Dear God, please give me a chance to go back! Amen!

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