Half's Timing, Half's Luck

Hello guys, the title of the post comes from the lyric of Michael Bublé's latest single, Haven't Met You Yet. Very very nice song and the video clip is not bad as well. I like the song very much, I felt it kinda addressed an issue that I wrote in the last post. Other parts of the lyric that I like very much is, wherever you are, whenever it's right, you come out of nowhere and into my life ... and I know that we can be so amazing. It's truly a hopeful song :P Anyway I chose the title of this post because of the time related things that I want to talk about.

Went to watch The Time Traveler's Wife on Tuesday. I didn't read the book. Saw this book many times in Kinokuniya but I dismissed it because of the time travel theme. However, I like the movie, I like the story. I don't know if I am being less critical since I didn't read the book. I never think much of Eric Bana but I like him in this movie. I guess, just put a guy in a romantic role and all the girls will go ... aaawww :P I love all the little girl actresses. I thought they were all very cute and pretty. I love seeing them more than Rachel McAdams :P The ending was quite touching. Dying is never easy, I guess *sigh*

Anyway, the story reminded me of a question I once asked someone, do you think that people meet at a different time? Strange question? Well to put it into context, it's like a girl meeting this guy and she falls for this guy and unfortunately he doesn't feel the same and then sometime later the guy actually falls for the girl but thing doesn't seem to be possible anymore. It's like these 2 people meet the person that they like at a different time of their lives. It's like they don't even meet at all eventhough they are at the same time. I am not making any sense? Oh well...

This afternoon, I had the chance to do something for the 2nd time this year. I'm not hoping much. The whole thing that led me to today got me thinking as I was waiting for The Time Traveler's Wife. You know, sometime suddenly answers reveal themselves to me. It can be at the strangest hour. I woke up one morning realizing that something is wrong and a solution to fix it. Talking about your brain working while you sleep. Digressing ... anyway so I was enlightened on how do I expect God to help me when I don't know what I want or I don't even want it wholeheartedly. To my defence, I just have much fear. Anyways I believe that God will not give you all the answers of your life. He will help you and be there for you. He may give you what you want if you want it so much with all sincerity but He's not gonna make your life better just like that. He wants us to work for it. He promises us comfort and strength but it is always up to us. So that part of my life right now is the one which is very hazy and cloudy. Managed to go to the temple today and decided to ... well I can't even say I asked a question because as mentioned I am so hazy that I didn't even know what to ask, so what I did was just to ask for anything that the heaven is willing to let me know. The answer was seriously putting what I already know into black and white. It's like having someone shouting what I feel back at me and it made it so real *sigh* Not really an encouraging thing. I am being described as a trapped bird :( I am advised to be patient *sigh* To add to the bad news, apparently I am surrounded by rogues and villains plotting against me. Not really helping to make me feel better but maybe I just have to wait *sigh*

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