Samedi 05/09/09

Hi peeps. I can't believe I am already feeling sleepy now but I did start my day early today and I didn't take a nap. Feeling rather hungry too :(

After my morning engagement today I went to watch the Siti Nurbaya musical in NUS. It's by the NUS Indonesian Students Association (PINUS). I was thinking that I cannot remember when was the last time I was surrounded by so many Indonesian in Singapore. Indonesians being the Indonesians that they are, many of them came late!!! I was telling Vivy, that if the late comers are people who actually stay in NUS, that's just really unbelievable! Then Indonesians being the Indonesians, us, we just laughed at things that perhaps not supposed to be funny. It really has got something to do with growing up in Indonesia and I think subconciously we just form certain opinion or judgement based on the Indonesian side of us :P

I tried to explain and give example on what I mean but somehow I couldn't. I don't now if the prose just escapes me today or I just sucks :P Anyway, Siti Nurbaya the musical was not bad. Not amazingly good but it wasn't really that bad and I think they should really be applauded for their effort. I wonder how come they are able to do this and during my time in NUS we couldn't come up with something like this. Are there more Indonesian students in NUS now?

Anyways, met Copper there. He was with this gorgeous girl whom he said not his girlfriend. I was thinking why oh why him who is often with a girl is still single? Some people are just picky? After I wrote that last sentence, I think some people maybe are just like me. I have no answer as to why I am still alone. Well I have some rationalization that I throw at myself from time to time. I guess for me, I am just leaving it to God.

*sigh* I am really bad with words today :( Okay before I write more rubbish, just a bit of news. Schmap has decided to use the last of my pictures that they selected. It is of Venice. You can see it here. I feel like eating soup :( Buonanotte tutti!

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