Vorrei Essere La Persona Che Dice Addio

Ciao peeps. The title of the post is my best attempt to say, "I want to be the person who says goodbye" in Italian. I don't know if it's grammartically right though. Haven't been blogging for a long time. There are reasons for it. I was just really occupied. So what has been happening, let me do this in points. It's been awhile since we do things in points.

1. Last week was tough. Linguistically tough. In more ways than one. On one thing, I failed. I don't like failure but I just couldn't make things work. To my defence, maybe it cannot be done *sigh* On other thing, I think I will pass. I don't think I did to the best of my potential but somehow I just lost the drive. Maybe I studied too much and got so tired about it all. Anyway some things are beyond my power. Still waiting for the results. So that pretty much what occupied the whole of my last week.

2. Went to watch G.I. Joe yesterday. Well I actually found it pretty entertaining for the first half. I thought it was really cool and the guys were great :P However, I kinda lost my attention towards the climax of the movie. The ending was kinda a let down. It's kinda like they quickly wrapped things up since they were running out of time and perhaps money since they blew up so many things that the ending didn't feel as glorious as the build up to it. Maybe like Harry Potter movies, they are banking on sequels, but I feel it's quite unfair. People expect to see a good ending and yet when things are ended quickly without much fanfare, it's really such a disappointment.

3. A news to share. Schmap chose a picture from my Italy trip for their guides. What is Schmap? Well, from wikipedia: Schmap is the publisher of free digital travel guides for destinations throughout Europe and the USA, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So they shortlisted 3 of my pictures of Rome, Florence, and Venice. So far I got news that one of the picture will be featured in the Rome guide. So if you ever gonna travel to Rome and need direction and stuff, you can download Schmap digital guide into your iphone (which ironically I don't have). The guide has maps, information about the place, and pictures taken by tourists. Well, I suppose it is not a big deal since they chose a lot of pictures from many people, but somehow I feel kinda flattered :P If you are wondering which picture for Rome that they chose, you can see it here.

4. Finished reading Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. It's really a wise book. Next reading will be this Italian book I got in Florence, which I actually forget what the title is. I hope my Italian can help me get through 75% of it. Speaking of Italy, can you believe that since I came back from my trip in June, I haven't gone through and sorted out all the little mementos, like booking print outs, museums tickets, train tickets, and things like that. I guess, I just don't want to put the finality in the whole experience. Somehow going through those things, setting them aside even though it's for safekeeping and documentation of my life, just feels so hard for me. I'm never good at letting go. I have to do it but I am still procrastinating.

My mother just sent me an sms telling me that my cousins' dad passed away. He didn't wake up this morning. There are many ways people die but if I have to remember people I know or people related to the people I know who died, they all died kinda unexpectedly. Not that they died in a bad way. Like my uncle, it seemed like he died in his sleep, so it's pretty peaceful. It just they weren't sick. If I list how some people I know died, it will be because of an accident, heart attack during morning walk / jogging, stroke, and so it's very very unexpected. So I guess what I want to say is, tell the people you care about that you love them. Look at them clearly when you see them, because you really might never gonna see them alive again. Sigh.

I gotta stop guys because if not I'm gonna drag you again in my depression. Take care okay.

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