Una Notte da Leoni

Went to watch The Hangover yesterday. Una Notte da Leoni is the Italian title for the movie. Saw the trailer of this movie quite a lot when I was in Rome. By the way, everything in Italy is dubbed in Italian! TV shows and even movies in the cinema. It's like way worse than Indonesia. In Indonesia, I started to come to terms watching Spongebob Squarepants in Indonesian. I will go crazy if everything are dubbed in Indonesian. I don't understand why they do it though. I really think my English is not bad because I watched a lot of american movies and tv series growing up. Sesame Street was so helpful. So right now I get so disappointed and frustrated watching dubbed things. It was kinda hard in Italy for me, I had to like concentrate extra hard to follow the conversation. I think after 10 minutes my brain just gave up.

Anyway The Hangover is HILARIOUS!!! I thought I wouldn't enjoy it much because I thought it would be like a real wild guy movie, especially with the theme of bachelor party in Vegas going completely mad. However the wildest part about it was only during the closing credits. The movie was just really really crazily funny. I totally enjoyed it and would totally recommend it!!! I had great fun watching it.

Wanna talk about Bradley Cooper for awhile. He's like totally hot! My God!!! I think I first saw him in Alias. Didn't recall him to be particularly appealing but in his recent movies, he's just totally handsome!!! There's a scene in the movie when the boys were getting ready to go out and he was wearing a black suit. My God!!! He's totally totally handsome!!! I think he kinda had the best part. Him being so playful and yet at the end of the movie, it's revealed that he's actually married and he seemed to be so devoted to his wife and son. I guess all the girls just went "aaawwww". Yeah, I am so superficial to be attracted in physical appearance but well, I can't help it :P So peeps, yes there are a lot of movies to watch but put Una Notte da Leoni in your list! By the way, I don't get why the Italian title is Una Notte da Leoni. I'm particulary confused on why the preposition is 'da' *sigh*

Anyways, not having a good day today. Was telling Vinny, I wish I can just stop. Actually I want the whole world to stop moving. Darn, I have so many things to do. Ciao peeps!

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