NDP Preview 2009

Went to the Singapore National Day Parade preview yesterday with la Gioia, courtesy of LC who didn't want to use the tickets. I kinda had a good experience. Obviously there were some lame parts as all NDP has had however some of the other parts were quite entertaining. I do wonder if it's because I watched it there live so it was more exciting than watching it on TV. I thought some of the things they did were interesting, there were some new things going on, so I think their creative team is really good this year. The most suprising part for me was the fact that they have dancers on striptease poles. Granted that they didn't strip but I thought it was quite daring of them to try this. I also liked it when Electrico perfomed. Local music is not really something which is flourishing here in Singapore. I even wonder if la Gioia knows Electrico before yesterday. Anyway, I thought this year theme song is really really good. It's definitely different from all the songs I have heard in the past. Pictures are here. Many of the pictures turned out not so good actually *sigh*

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